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15% innate res. and dual attacks bad designs.... [1]

  • D4Z3
  • 2020.08.01 08:30 (UTC+0)
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This is just a really bad mechanic in my opinion

1st. the innate effect resistance will make in a way having high effectiveness obsolete, so alot of units that are stritly debuffers or the mechanic for them to be a good hero depends of bypassing that innate effect res. most likely, so why try to pull for debuffers heroes or try going for debuffers instead of units that could cleave or make the dmg to finish instead the job easily, thats why alot of people just ignore all this great heroes because they arent dependable as the normal dmg dealers since they could not do their job as one wants, like for example the single target debuffers if they dont make their job in just that single unit, then that debuffer is just like blank space in the team, because it didnt do nothing to compesate the team in absolute.

2nd. the dual attacks not only is bad when it happens from the enemy, like those times that happens like 4 times in a row, but it is bad when one try to do a good strategy that doesnt involve dual attacks from myself too, like for example i want to attack a ml ken to keep reducing his health before i reach the point of killing it well , so i try to use tanky units or units that dont have high crit chance but guess what it gets a dual attack from my dmg dealer or high crit unit and destroy any kind of good strategy or clutch from that battle just from that, another example would be when one wants to fight a ssb that counters if she gets to full focus, so one would try to not use aoe attacks or try not to do alot of attacks to prevent the counters but guess what a dual attack happens and destroy the fun of making good strategy for future battle, since these 2 mechanics just make this game boring and make people just go for pure dmg and cleave teams to finish the battle fast and not go to all this problems in the entire battle.

A good way to improve the dual attack mechanic would be to have the heroes make dual attacks only with units that have any kind of relation with them, like saying diene have close relation with krau, so in battle they have a chance to make a dual attack with each other, or just make the heroes strictly to have dual attacks if they have dual set equipped to them or any kind of passive that they have for themselves, or using both of the ideas mentioned together.

A good way to improve the effectiveness and effect resistance, is that all the heroes have innate 30% effect resistance on them, make the effect res. set to become 40% instead of 20%, make that the effectiveness ring lvl 85 have 90% instead of 65% at max, and make that every point more of effect res. compared to the effectiveness of the enemy makes a difference of the chance of landing the debuff, like saying having an unit with 100% eff. res. then an unit with 50% effectiveness, if the skill of that unit with effectiveness have a chance of 50% to land that debuff then it gets completely negated, but if the chance is 55% then it becomes a 5% chance to land that debuff, with this change it will get rid of that innate 15% resistance taht could happen at any time regardless of the effectiveness of the unit, plus make a good difference too of how effect resistance works.

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    2020.08.01 09:05 (UTC+0)

    Why not make turn on/off dual attack same as choose team/self imprint.  Relationship with dual attack isn't a good idea because it's still ruin with RNG anyway or you have to remember the relationship of each hero.

    I really hate dual attack too especially with soul weavers because they deal lower damage anyway.  My team ruined many times when I use S.Tene S1 to ML Ken and Diene with 25% cri rate help attack with her kindness then get kick half dead and ML Ken life steal HP back.  Then my team lose.  Or when I doubt that Ruele may equip Idol Cheer and I checked Arby has only 70% CR.  Then I use S1 on Ruele but dual attack trigger and Arby get 40% CR then S3.

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