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Game Data Threatening Google Account Bug [23]

I had previously logged into Epic 7 using my Google account, and then linked it to a Stove account.

However, when I tried to transfer my data by logging into my Google account on another device, I was met with a blank account instead. Attempts to login to the Stove account I had created with my Google account didn't work, and logging into my Stove account with my Google account resulted in the creation of a new Stove account (this one) instead. Trying to the password of the Stove account just gave me an error saying that I cannot recover the password of unverified IDs.

I still have access to my previous account on my old device, and am thus able to verify both it and the newly created account are linked to the same Google account and email, which is completely baffling. Because of the newly created account, I am no longer able to transfer my data, and should anything happen to my old device I could potentially lose my old account entirely.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation and know of a solution?

Thank you!

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    2020.07.25 20:15 (UTC+0)

    You didn't say whether you checked this or not so just making sure. You made sure that you have the right server/region selected on the new device? I've had the issue where it has changed servers/region when changing devices and giving me a big scare.

    If this is not the problem your best bet is to contact support so you don't risk anymore damage.


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    2020.07.25 23:33 (UTC+0)

    The data is linked to account. Not the device. I'm perfectly able to log in to my account on an Emulator on the PC. Also I'm not sure how you are able to "transfer" a Google account to a stove account. What you have done is actually created a stove account (fresh account) using your Gmail. If you use Gmail to log in, you will get your original account. If you use stove account, you will get in to the freshly made stove account.

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    2020.07.26 01:53 (UTC+0)

    I had a similar issue when google underwent some change where you could change the email associated with your google account. I had changed the email associated with my google account into a different one than the email I had originally used when creating my e7 stove account. What I think happens is the account linking system doesn't actually link to your google account; it checks if your account is a google account and then checks the email associated with it. When I tried to use my google account to log into e7 on another device, it created an entirely new stove account because my google account was now linked to a different email than the one I originally used. The solution I eventually came up with was creating an entirely new google account using the email which I used originally to create my e7 account, and e7 correctly recovered the right stove account this time.

    For future reference, disregard that idiot, HeroPrime, above this post. He regularly posts garbage misinformation.

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    2020.07.26 07:53 (UTC+0)

    Sh!.t for brains above is clueless. He changed his Gmail and some how he thought he would be able to log in with the changed Gmail, when it's actually registered to his original gmail. He even admits to work around his problem he had to create the original gmail. Again data is not linked to devices. It's linked to your Gmail account or stove account.

    Ignore the sh!.t for brains above. You will know it's him when you see tgrav. 

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    2020.07.26 09:22 (UTC+0)

    Just in case she.!t for brains thinks he is being clever by coming on alt accounts. Let me just show you his "credibility."

    I thought I recognize that tu.rd of in-game name. So here it is.

    Next time kiddo have the balls to come on your actual account when you want to address me. So much for it being his "only" account. Pathetic.

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    2020.07.26 19:26 (UTC+0)

    Initially I was going to let this go, but Tgragv is just Zienn alting. Only he lumps me with you. This is how he gets to vent his fustrations and sway opinions. Just ignore him. I think anyone that comes on a rank 1 account and try's to give advice or input naturally deserves to be treated like they are clueless and deserve to be ignored. Just think of his text as garbage coming in and garbage going out.

    There was a survey done by another player regarding the C. Zerato nerf. It was almost 50/50. There were significant players who felt it was part of his mechanic. Or it could have just been me creating countless accounts to vote!

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