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[Update] 7/23 (Thu) Update Info (Extended) [55]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.07.22 10:31 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 84452



Hello Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel.

The maintenance will end on 7/23 (Thu) 12:00

Again, we apologize to all of our Heirs for the increased extension time and we will provide the following compensation.

■ 7/23 (Thu) Maintenance Compensation

1. Compensation6 Leif, 500,000 Gold, 15 Covenant Bookmarks (Delivered to your in-game mailbox, Storage Period: 7 Days)

2. Schedule: 7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance  ~  7/24 (Fri) 14:59 UTC


Because our Heirs on the Korea and Asia server had the temporary maintenance during their log in reward time and could not claim their energy, these Heirs will receive the missed energy following the update.


■ 7/23 (Thu) Korea/Asia Server Log In Reward Distribution Details 

1. Reward: Energy x50 (Delivered to your in-game mailbox, Storage Period: 7 Days) 

2. Schedule: 7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~7/23 (Thu) 17:59 UTC

■ Compensation for Errors in Arena Revenge 

1. Schedule: 7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~7/30 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

2. Server: Global

3. Contents: Flag consumed while there was an error in Arena Revenge Match, will be delivered to mailbox (Storage Period: 7 Days)

Additionally, we ask our Heirs to please update to the latest version (v. 1.0.259) for a more stable service.

 If the update does not appear in your store, please see below!



Please search for [Epic Seven] in the App Store and download the client update.

If the latest update does not display in your app store, please restart your device and check again.


 Go to [Google Play > Menu > My Apps/Game] and tap the update button.

 Go to [Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Storage > Delete Cache]


We thank you for your patience during this update and we promise to do our best to provide even better service to all of our Heirs.

Thank you.



Hello Heirs,

This is GM Dominiel.


We are extremely sorry to our Heirs for the extended maintenance time that you have experienced. 


During the course of the maintenance, an issue was discovered. We tried to complete the maintenance within the timeframe that was originally given, but we, unfortunately, had to extend the maintenance time so that we could provide our players with a more stable service.


Extended Maintenance Schedule: 7/23 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 09:00  →12:00 UTC (3-hour extension)

Reason for extension:  An issue was discovered during maintenance


We will do our best to complete the maintenance within the stated time. 


Thank you. 

Hello Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel!


I would like to inform you that we will have an update on 7/23 (Thu).
Please see below for more information.


 7/23 (Thu) Update Info

1. Schedule: 7/23 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 09:00 UTC

2. Details:

- Special Side Story - The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island (Week 1) 

- Arena Endeavor Season Open 

- EpicPass Vacation 2020 Season

- Bellona & Iron Fan Drop Rate Up

- Violet & Violet’s Talisman Drop Rate Up 

- Japanese Media Pack Update

- New Pet Added

- World Arena Mock Battle Improvements

- Other Improvements and Adjustments


 Please note

- Update details and times are subject to change. In these cases, additional announcements will be posted.
- Please make sure that your account has been properly linked to STOVE before the maintenance begins.
- Please log out of your game before maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.
- Players will not be able to access Epic Seven during the update.


We appreciate your patience and hope that you will enjoy this update!

Thank you.


댓글 55

  • images
    2020.07.23 09:13 (UTC+0)

    BESTHaaaaay. There's a reason why one should not skip tutorial. 

  • images
    2020.07.22 10:38 (UTC+0)

  • images
    2020.07.22 13:15 (UTC+0)

    Anyone know when we will get the friendship change?

    • images
      2020.07.22 15:29 (UTC+0)

      Really hope before the ml zerato recall ends

    • images
      2020.07.23 04:46 (UTC+0)

      We should be getting that update in early August.

  • images
    2020.07.23 02:08 (UTC+0)

    To be fair, this one may take up half-day with a bunch of new events

  • images
    2020.07.23 03:04 (UTC+0)

    My Tamarrine ***** because she doesn't heal on auto battles. Celine also only uses her first skill in autobattles. I hope the update fixes it or else. The money I spent is worthless. Haaaayyy

    • images
      2020.07.23 09:13 (UTC+0)

      Haaaaay. There's a reason why one should not skip tutorial. 

    • images
      2020.07.23 13:20 (UTC+0)

      This is legitimate problem, sometimes my hero only use s1 when auto, even with their skill up, weird

  • images
    2020.07.23 03:10 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for the hard work! New rta mock battles will be fun :D

  • images
    2020.07.23 03:27 (UTC+0)

    These are excellent changes. Also the upcoming mola changes and hero offerings are great. Thank you for listening to your players. 


  • images
    2020.07.23 04:09 (UTC+0)

    Am wondering why I can’t log in

    • images
      2020.07.23 04:27 (UTC+0)

      There is maintenance going on so you won't be able to log in until the maintenance is complete.

  • images
    2020.07.23 05:59 (UTC+0)

    is this gonna done on midnight or morning of 7-23? please response.

    • images
      2020.07.23 09:56 (UTC+0)

      try to read time zone stupid

  • images
    2020.07.23 06:30 (UTC+0)


  • images
    2020.07.23 08:01 (UTC+0)
    Sorry for sounding stupid, but what's the ML Zerato recall's all about?

    and thanks in advance for anyone who kindly explained it to me ^^/
    • images
      2020.07.23 08:21 (UTC+0)

      Ml zerato has a bug that the debuffs he applies on counter (his s2) always go through the resistance check. This is being fixed and considered a nerf. Because of that you will be able to 'recall' him. Which means you get all the resources back you invested in him and get a ml 4* selector ticket. Keep in mind he needs to be atleast level 50 before the fix in order to be able to recall him

    • images
      2020.07.23 10:17 (UTC+0)

      DareddI see....thanks you so much for the explanation! 

  • images
    2020.07.23 08:17 (UTC+0)

    Can't enter woy *****

  • images
    2020.07.23 09:04 (UTC+0)

    Staying up until 2 AM for the extended maintenance lol you guys got this

  • images
    2020.07.23 09:08 (UTC+0)

    yeah ofc extended maintenance 😂

    • images
      2020.07.23 14:40 (UTC+0)

      SatoruVery smart

    • images
      2020.07.23 14:42 (UTC+0)

      LeonorsAnd why should I be grateful, you piece of devlicker? 

  • images
    2020.07.23 09:08 (UTC+0)

    Compensation for bm pls... I need bm to summon holiday yufine :(

  • images
    2020.07.23 09:08 (UTC+0)

    As long as the compensation we recieve for the delay is good, we are happy.

    Would be a great idea to give us some Mystic summons ;)

    • images
      2020.07.23 11:05 (UTC+0)

      RFriendYOUR FAULT for not doing it *******

    • images
      2020.07.23 14:41 (UTC+0)

      STOVE144467704My fault that they didn't end maintenance at time? Nice try... 

  • images
    2020.07.23 09:09 (UTC+0)

    extended Maintenance time .... got to sleep 

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