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[Update] 7/23 (Thu) Update Content (Edited) [113]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.07.22 10:32 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 110415


Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


In this update we will give you details regarding the opening of the Arena Endeavor season and the improvements made to the mock battles in the World Arena. Additionally, we have prepared the Vacation 2020 Epic Pass and new pets to celebrate this summer! 

Let’s start with the story of Yufine and The Holy Order of the Blue Cross. 


Please see below for more details~!

1. Special Side Story - The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island (Week 1) 


At Yufine's invitation, the Holy Order of the Blue Cross has traveled to a remote island for summer vacation. Despite its small size, the resort is packed with things to do, and the girls encounter a number of strange phenomena. Will Yufine and the Blue Cross be able to enjoy their vacation safely? 

The special side story, The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island, begins now. 


■ Schedule

07/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ Title Screen Change


■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story]. 


■ Special Side Story - The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island


[Chapter Opening Schedule]






The Amazing Molri Island

7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Secret Treasure Island

7/30 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 8/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Dark Sinful Island

8/6 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


[Week 1~2 Enhanced Heroes]



Attack, Health, Defense – 50% Increase 

Yufine, Mui, Achates, Angelica

Attack, Health – 30% Increase

Clarissa, Montmorancy, Mirsa


[Week 1~2 Enhanced Artifacts]


- Unlike previous side stories, this special side story, The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island, does not follow a linear pattern. 

- The stages are not connected to each other and in order to proceed to a stage, players will have to meet certain conditions. 

- Unlocked stages will not appear on the map. 

- Hints for the conditions will be provided in the story, by Guide Heroes, achievements, etc. 

- The Guide Hero will provide a hint that, when needed, will be displayed on the screen. 


- Players will have to achieve certain conditions in order to unlock The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island’s album. 

- Unlock Condition: The album will be unlocked when certain stages in each chapter are cleared. 

- Players can remove puzzle pieces using event currency earned from clearing stages. 

- Players can obtain rewards when they remove each puzzle piece and can check the types of rewards available by tapping the Obtainable Rewards button to the right.  

- When you complete 100% of the album, a Treasure Map will be unlocked. 

- A special illustration will be added to the Art Journal when acquiring the Treasure Map.

- Players will be able to remove puzzle pieces for up to 7 days after the event ends. 


[Treasure Stages]

- Each chapter has one Treasure stage.

- The Treasure Stages are not included in the list of Reputations, so players will be able to receive the All Clear reward even if they do not clear this stage.

- Unlock Condition: Complete 100% of the album

- Entry Limit: Once during the event period


[Stage Difficulty]

- Each chapter in the side story will have a stage where the Boss appears that is comprised on various difficulties.

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.  



- Players will be able to exchange event currency for Gold. 

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. 

■ Chapter One Event Currency

※ The event currency that can be obtained from each chapter is different. 

※ Players can obtain event currency by playing through the story and in Treasure stages. 

■ Event Artifact

- The 4★ Artifact, Super Duper Water Gun Shooter can be obtained as a reward from the special side story, The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island has been added. 

2. Arena Endeavor Season Open 

The Arena Endeavor Season will open following the end of the Pre-season.

The world of sword fighting has become even more exciting following the rule changes, including the introduction of Blind Day. We look forward to your many victories this season. 


■ Arena Endeavor Season Schedule 



Arena Pre-season Ending

Korea/Asia server 7/26 (Sun) 13:00 UTC

Global Server 7/27 (Mon) 05:00 UTC

Europe Server 7/26 (Sun) 22:00 UTC

Arena Endeavor Season Open 

Korea/Asia server 7/26 (Sun) 18:00 UTC

Global Server 7/27 (Mon) 10:00 UTC

Europe Server 7/27 (Mon) 03:00 UTC

 ※ We will provide you with more details regarding the schedule for the end of the season at a later date.

■ Arena Determination Season Reward Distribution

[Glory Crest Reward]

- When the Endeavor Season begins, unused Endurance Crest obtained from the Arena Honor Season will automatically be converted to Conquest Points.  

- The exchange rate is 5:1 (Endurance Crest: Conquest Points)


[Arena Determination Season Frame Distribution Schedule]

- Players will receive an exclusive Frame according to their Arena Determination Season ranking upon entering the Arena after the 

start of the Endeavor Season. 


※ In the update notice that was posted on 3/19, the borders, Exertion Frame and Judgement frames were confirmed to have been 

shown incorrectly. The frames will be delivered as they are displayed above and not like the previous notice stated. We apologize for 

any confusion this may have caused our players and we will do our best to provide more accurate information in the future. 

Arena Determination Season Hall of Fame 

- The Arena Determination Season Hall of Fame will be opened. 

- Players can view Heirs who were successful in the Determination Season by going to Arena > Hall of Fame. 

Season Ranking 

- The Season Ranking will proceed during the Arena Endeavor Season. 

- Players can obtain Glory Crest and Season Points every week according to their Weekly League Results.  

- After the end of the Arena Endeavor Season, players can receive an exclusive frame according to their season ranking. 

[Season Points]

- Every week, players in the top 1-100 of the Rankings will receive Season Points, which will determine their season ranking. 

- If the Total Ranking is the same, the priority will be determined by Victory Points and the highest number of consecutive wins. 

- The Season Ranking will be determined by the Season Points which are obtained weekly.

[Arena Endeavor Season Exclusive Frame]

- After the end of the Arena Endeavor Season and at the start of the new Arena season, players will receive an exclusive Frame 

according to their Arena Endeavor Season ranking. 


Arena Story 

- The Arena Endeavor Season story will be released. 

- This story will start automatically upon entering the Arena and can be viewed again in the Arena Story tab.  

Arena Endeavor Season – Item list 

- Exclusive Arena Endeavor Season Equipment will be added to the Conquest Points shop.

- Certain items may be resold and the price may change after the season has completed.



Conquest Points

Glory Crest

Purchase Limit

Endeavor Frame V



Once per account

Unknown Slate



Once per account

Destroyer's Longsword of Endeavors



Once per account

Destroyer's Armor of Endeavors



Once per account

Destroyer's Helm of Endeavors



Once per account

Destroyer's Boots of Endeavors



Once per account

Destroyer's Amulet of Endeavors



Once per account

Destroyer's Token of Endeavors



Once per account

- Endeavor Frame V: Players will not be able to purchase this frame after the end of the Arena Endeavor Season. 

- Arena Determination Season equipment have been grouped separately. Players can purchase this equipment by going to Conquest 

Points Shop > Arena Determination Season Equipment. 


[Destroyer's Equipment

- The type and value for sub stats for each Equipment are fixed at the time of initial purchase.  

- However, they will increase at random when enhanced. 



3. EpicPass Vacation 2020 Season


The Epic Pass Vacation 2020 Season is here. 

Achates went on vacation to escape the summer heat! Get her skin, Azure Sea, as a reward!

■ Schedule 

2020.07.23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 08.20 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ Location

Players can access the Vacation 2020 Season Epic Pass by going to the main lobby and tapping the “Epic Pass” icon.  


■ How to Use 

- You can increase your Season Rank by consuming the currencies specified.  

- As you increase your Season Rank, you can earn a variety of rewards!  

 Free Reward: Players can receive basic rewards by increasing their Season Rank during the season.
 Premium Reward: Rewards that can be acquired when the Pass is upgraded to Premium Epic Pass. 
 Special Reward: Rewards that can be acquired when the Pass is upgraded to Special Epic Pass. 

[Season Rank & Season EXP]

1) Currency Value
   - Players can receive season EXP by consuming the currencies listed below in different game modes. 

  - The Vacation 2020 Season consumable currencies that provide Season EXP are as follows: 



2) Purchase Season Rank

Players can use 100 Skystones to increase their rank by 1.


Epic Pass Upgrade    

- Players can upgrade to the Premium Epic Pass or Special Epic Pass by using Skystones. 

※ Players can only purchase the Special Epic Pass after purchasing the Premium Epic Pass which costs 900 Skystone. 

■ Rewards


Free Reward

Premium Reward


Leif x2

MolaGora x1


Ancient Coins x100

Greater Weapon Charm x1


Greater Necklace Charm x1


Silver Transmit Stone x2

100,000 Gold


Skin Ticket x5


2★ Penguin Pack

Greater Armor Charm x1


Greater Necklace Charm x1


Stigma x300

Rare Catalyst Selection Chest x1


Greater Armor Charm x1


Greater Necklace Charm x1

Greater Ring Charm x1


Greater Weapon Charm x1


50,000 Gold

Winter Fragment Penguin x1


Greater Helm Charm x1


Ancient Coins x100 

Greater Boot Charm x1


Greater Ring Charm x1


Silver Transmit Stone x2

100,000 Gold


Fire Spirit Penguin x1


Leif x2

Greater Necklace Charm x1


Greater Boot Charm x1


Lesser Artifact Charm x2

Silver Transmit Stone x1


Gold Transmit Stone x3


50,000 Gold

Blade Dash Penguin x1


Rare Catalyst Selection Chest x1


Ancient Coins x100

Greater Ring Charm x1


100,000 Gold


Silver Transmit Stone x2

Silver Transmit Stone x1


Epic Catalyst Selection Chest x1


Leif x2

Greater Helm Charm x1 


Silver Transmit Stone x1


50,000 Gold

Epic Artifact Charm x1

Skin Ticket x5 

All Clear Reward

10 Covenant Bookmarks

Epic Pass Frame x1

3 Gold Transmit Stones

Special Reward

Achates Skin – Azure Sea


[Achates Skin – Azure Sea]

- The illustration and cut scenes will change when this skin is equipped on the 4★ Hero, Achates.

4. Bellona & Iron Fan Drop Rate Up


In this Drop Rate Up event, meet Bellona, an Earth elemental Ranger who can fight off multiple enemies. Players can also obtain the Ranger exclusive Artifact, Iron Fan that can inflict great damage on Ice elemental enemies. 


■ Schedule

7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/30 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


5. Violet & Violet’s Talisman Drop Rate Up 

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet Violet, an Earth elemental Thief who can evade attacks and then inflict damage through a Counterattack. Players can also obtain the Thief exclusive Artifact, Violet Talisman that greatly increases the caster’s Attack and Evasion. 


■ Schedule

7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/30 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

6. Japanese Media Pack Update

The following are the additional Heroes who will have a Japanese voice.


5★ Hero

4★ Hero

Seaside Bellona



Benevolent Romann



Faithless Lidica


※ We will continue to increase the number of Japanese media pack-enabled Heroes.  

7. New Pet Added


Two types of pets that can blow away the midsummer heat have been added! 

Players can obtain these pets during the stated period by going to [Pet House > Adopt] 


■ Schedule

7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/6 (Thu) before the maintenance

■ Pet Information







[3 Ordinary Forms]

Swimmer Weaselly, Inner Tube Weaselly, Chubby Weaselly


[1 Special Form]

Stylish Weaselly



[3 Ordinary Forms]

Silly Octo, Sausage Octo, Inky Octo, 

[1 Special Form]

Elephant Octo

 ※ The abilities for new pets is the same as other pets. 

8. World Arena Mock Battle Improvements

Mock Battles, where only 1 vs 1 battles were possible will undergo improvements. 

Players will now be able to have Mock Battles with many friends and they will also be able to watch other players’ battles. 

Let’s take a look at the even more exciting World Arena Mock battle! 


■ Mock Battle Room Open & Entry Conditions 

Have 20 Heroes


■ Mock Battle Lobby

- Regardless of whether you are a friend or guild member, entering the [World Arena > Mock Battle] will display a list of established Mock Battle rooms.

- The Mock Battle room’s Moderator, privacy setting, current members, etc. will be displayed on the list. 

- The status of the Mock battle will also be displayed as either Battle in Progress or Picking & Banning, Waiting. 

- You can enter a Mock battle room by tapping the enter button on the list. 


■ Create a Mock Battle Room

- To make a Mock Battle room, tap the Create Room button in the Mock battle lobby. 

- You can add a password to make your Mock Battle room private. 

- Even after creating your Mock Battle room, you can change the name and privacy settings. 

■ How to Enter


- You can enter a room that still has space from the Mock Battle lobby. 

- If a battle is already underway, you can watch the battle when you enter. 

- There can be up to 20 players including the Moderator in the Mock Battle room. 

[Receive Mock Battle Invitation]

- If you have received an invitation from the Mock Battle room Moderator, you will be notified of the invitation in the lower left corner of the main lobby or the World Arena lobby battle screen. 

- You can receive up to three invitations at the same time, and if you exceed three, the oldest invitations will be automatically rejected.

- Please note that closing the app while the invitation pops up does not automatically decline the invitation. 

■ Mock Battle Lounge


- Entering the Mock battle room will change the screen to the Mock Battle room lounge. 

- The participant’s nickname will be displayed in green and [me] will be displayed after their nickname. 

- Players can freely chat in the Mock Battle lounge. 

- Players blocked from Channel/Guild chat will also remain blocked from the Arena chat.

■ Mock Battle Progress

- The Mock Battle will be between player 1 and player 2. 

- The Mock Battle will be carried out in the same way as the World Arena. 

- Participants other than player 1 and player 2 can watch the competition. 

■ Mock Battle Spectate

- Once the Mock Battle begins, all but two players will watch the match. 

- Spectators can chat or leave the match.

■ Leave the Mock Battle Room

- Players will be sent to the Mock battle lobby if they leave the Mock Battle room. 

- If the Moderator leaves the room or can no longer access the game, the first player to enter the room will automatically become the Moderator.

- If the app is not available for 40 seconds participants will be kicked out of the room and then sent to the Mock battle lobby once the app is available again. (This includes the Moderator.) 

- If you are kicked out of the Mock Battle room, you can re-enter the same room after 10 seconds.

■ Moderator Permissions

[Adjust Mock Battle Room Details]

- You can modify the Mock Battle room information (title, privacy, and password) by tapping the [Settings] button at the top of the Mock Battle room lounge.

- Tap the Background button at the top of the Mock Battle lounge to display the background image currently applied and a list of background images held by the current moderator.

- The applied backgrounds will remain intact, regardless of whether or not the moderator is changed. 


- After creating the Mock Battle room, the Moderator can invite participants by tapping the Invite button at the top of the Mock Battle lounge.

- If you have enough space left in the Mock Battle room, you can invite multiple people at the same time, regardless of the number of spaces left.

- The Invite button will be disabled for 10 seconds for players you have already invited.

- You can select and invite specific players in the chat window.

- The most recent opponent list will display up to the last 10 opponents who had a Mock Battle, and a record exceeding 30 days will be deleted. 

- The Find tab allows you to directly search for and invite the Heirs from another server.

- Invitations cannot be sent to Heirs whose account level is less than 60.

[Player Change]

- You can randomly select two players waiting in the Mock Battle lounge to a match.

- You can replace the player that is preparing for a match with another participant. 

[Start Battle]

- When both players tap the [Preparations Complete] button, the moderator will tap the [Start Battle] button to begin the match.

- If the moderator is placed as a player, there is no separate [Preparations] button and it will always be [Preparations Complete].

[Authority Delegation]

- The moderator cannot arbitrarily hand over authority to another participant.


[Kick Out]

- You can kick out all participants who entered the Mock Battle room except yourself. (This includes players who have completed preparations.) 

- The Kick Out function is only available on the Mock Battle lounge screen.

■ Chat                                                                                               

- After the matchup has been confirmed, only the spectators can chat during the Picking & Banning phase. 

- If a battle begins while typing in a chat, your message will be deleted.

- Chatting is available to both players after the battle begins.


■ Other

- The area displaying the season name on the main screen will be improved to show the end date of the season 14 days prior to the end of the regular/pre-season. 

- The Help section will include pre-ban, Hall of Fame entries, and the images in the existing Help content will be updated.

- A change will be implemented where, if you are connected two multiple devices with a single account, the account that was in-battle will now have their access terminated.

- An issue where the normal death effect displayed even if the Hero was killed with an extinction effect will be fixed.

9. Other Improvements and Adjustments


■ Rank Up Pack 1 & 2 Renewal 

- The sale of the previous Rank Up Pack 1 & 2 will end and an improved package will be available for purchase. 

- The Rank Up pack offers free/paid rewards. Free rewards can be obtained according to rank conditions regardless of the pack purchased. 

- The rewards for specific ranks can be obtained upon tapping reward from the Rank Up Pack Popup after meeting rank conditions.

- After reaching the required Account Rank necessary for the rewards, players must enter the shop, select the pack and tap the rewards in order to claim them. 

[Rank Up Pack 1 & 2 Sale Schedule]



Rank Up Pack 1 & 2 Sale Ends

7/23 (Thu) before the maintenance

Renewed Rank Up Pack 1 & 2 Sale Starts

7/23 (Thu) after the maintenance

※ Rewards that were previously obtained from the Rank Up Pack will be maintained. 

※ Rank Up Pack 3 is not included in the list of items whose sale period will be ending.


[Renewed Rank Up Pack 1 & 2 Sale Conditions]


Purchase Condition

Purchase Limit

Rank Up Pack 1

Reach account level 10 

Once per account

Rank Up Pack 2

Reach account level 40

Once per account

※ The Renewed Rank Up Pack 1 and 2 can be purchased regardless of the whether or not the existing Rank Up Pack 1 and 2 was purchased.

※ However, for accounts whose Rank is 40 or 60, there is a limit of the period in which it can be purchased. (7 days)

※ Rank Up Pack 1,2 will be removed from the package store after the sale period is over.

[Purchase Condition Adjustments for Rank Up Pack 3]

- The 'Purchase Rank Up Pack 2' condition will be excluded from the purchase criteria for existing Rank Up Pack 3.


■ Skin Shop

- Tamarinne’s skin, Starlight Concert will be added to the Skin Shop.  

■ Hero and Artifact

- The location of certain Heroes in the Hero Journal will change. 

New Location


Past or Future

Specter Tenebria, Judge Kise, Ruele of Light, Blood Blade Karin

Phantom CIC

Rin, Lots

Dragon Valley

Yufine, Luna, Alencia

- An issue where a Japanese voice was heard for the 5★ Specter Tenebria when her skin, Dark tyrant Tenebria is applied after setting up the Japanese media pack will be fixed. 

- Adjustments will be made so that the camping lines for Specter Tenebria and for when her skill is applied are the same. 

- An issue where, the UI was intermittently displayed when touching buttons located on the bottom of the screen, such as the Skill Enhancement button, after tapping the Hero Detail button on the Hero screen. 

- An issue where the error screen would display when selecting the Sort Hero Formation on the battle preparation screen will be fixed. 

Some of the translations for the Hero’s skill description will be adjusted as shown below. There are no functional changes. 






Chaos Sect Axe

Harvest Rune

An issue where ‘below’ was used instead of ‘less than’ in the description for Rune enhancement will be fixed. 

Righteous Thief Roozid

Mercy Rune

Mascot Hazel

Harvest Rune

Captain Rikoris

Sacrifice Rune Freeze Rune


■ Monster

- The advantages and disadvantages of the Boss monster, Nilgal, who appears in Hall of Trials, will be adjusted.





Decreases Critical Hit Chance of Warrior Heroes by 50% 

Decreases the amount of healing received by Heroes by 30%

Decreases the effect of decreased Combat Readiness inflicted on a Boss monster by 100% 

Decreases Critical Hit Chance of Warrior Heroes by 50%

Increases damage dealt against Boss monsters inflicted with burn by 75%

Increases damage suffered by Boss monsters inflicted with bleeding by 75%

Mage Heroes are granted increases in Attack 30%, Defense 30%, and Health 30%

Thief Heroes are granted increases in Attack 30%, Defense 30%, and max Health 30% 

- Adjustments will be made as below to Gold Klineode who appears in [Expedition> Blooming Snag Lich].

* An issue that caused the Skill damage negating icon to be overlapped by the UI will be fixed.

* Adjustments will be made so that the color of the skill damage negator for Gold Klineode in Expedition is reversed to match the in-game effect. 

* Adjustments will be made so that, the effect “negating damage received from the next skill” will activate upon passive skills. 

- Adjustments have been made so that the skill description for the Neurotoxin effect used by the Boss monster Blooming Snag Lich in Expedition matches the in-game effect. There were no functional changes made.

- An issue where when Gold Klineode who appears in Expedition used the skill Mana Charge and it did not trigger attacks that activate when non-attack skill is used will be fixed.


■ Repeat Battle Improvements

- Improvements will be made to the Repeat Battle UI so that the following information is displayed. 







Urgent Mission Information

The number of Urgent Missions that have occurred or are currently active will be displayed during repeat battles. 

Players can move to an urgent mission after a repeat battle ends. 


Expedition Information

The Wanted Posters and Expedition Teams currently available will be displayed. 

- An option to use all resources will be added to the [Auto Charge Energy] feature. 

   * Leif will be used first followed by Skystone. 

- Improvements have been made so that the chosen settings (Repeat battle on/off) are maintained even for the next battle.

- Improvements will be made so that the number of repeat battles done per team is saved. 

   * Initially it will be set to the Max and it can then be adjusted. 

   * This setting will be maintained even if you change the pet used. (If the set number is larger than the Pet’s auto limit, it will set as Max.)

- An issue where the repeat battle end UI was not displayed if the repeat battle ends due to insufficient Energy will be fixed. 

■ Guild Lasting Effect Purchase Improvements

- Adjustments have been made to the way you can purchase the Guild Lasting Effect from the Captain Shop.




- Can be purchased once every 12 hours


- Purchase Blessing of Knowledge can be purchased in advance (Cannot exceed 24 hours)


Ex) Blessing of Knowledge can be purchased again, for example, when 4 hours or less are remaining. So players can extend the Blessing of Knowledge’s effect to 16 hours. (4 Hours remaining + 12 Hours after purchase).

- No more wait time when repurchasing

- The max time for the Guild lasting effects will be displayed. 

※ However, you will not be able to repurchase a lasting effect if the remaining time on your current buff exceeds 24 hours. 

Ex. If you have 14 hours left you will not be able to buy a buff that can last 12 hours. 

■ Craft Improvements

- Improvements will be made so that players can Craft 10 Equipment at once.

- Equipment that has been crafted can be locked, sold or extracted when you tap the Arrange button. 

■ Expedition

- Adjustments will be made so that the ‘Friend’ or ‘Guild’ mark is not shown next to the nickname in the Recent Invitations/Friend/Guild tab when inviting players to an Expedition
- An issue where the invitation window did not close when the Expedition was closed will be fixed.

- An intermittent issue where, when the Expedition tab is opened, other tabs cannot be selected will be fixed.

- An intermittent issue where, upon scrolling through names on the Invitation tab, an error message would display will be fixed.

- Adjustments will be made so that text is will be shortened for Heirs who have long greetings in the Expedition [Preparation / Invitation Pop-up].
- An issue where an error occurred when you try to see results of expired Expeditions will be fixed

- An issue where the number of battles remaining did not decrease on the Battle ready screen after a battle had been completed will be fixed.

- An issue where when you receive rewards from expired Expeditions, the result displays as if you are receiving the rewards twice will be fixed.
 - In certain situations, an issue where the Tutorial would begin in the Battle Preparation screen will be fixed.

■ Other

- Improvements will be made so that a notification dot appears once a day on the event banner. 

- An issue that caused the tutorial to be skipped when you tap any area that is not a button in the selection stage of the Manage Equipment tutorial will be fixed. 

- Some typos in the main story of Episode 2 Chapter 3 will be fixed. 

- Adjustments will be made so that the color of the text and button for the Urgent Mission is the same as other UI.

- An issue that caused an error when the back button is tapped from the [Summon > Storage] will be fixed. 

- An issue where the Guardian selection screen was displayed when you tap the Guardian slot on the Battle ready screen for an account where the Guardian has not yet been unlocked will be fixed. 

- An issue that caused incorrect text to be displayed in the section that is supposed to display the remaining time for the Newbie Pack 1 will be fixed. 

- An issue that caused the back button not to be useable after the Guild attendance reward pop-up is displayed will be fixed.

- An issue that caused the player not to be directed to the previous screen when the back button is tapped after a battle will be fixed.


Thank you.

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      2020.07.23 00:06 (UTC+0)

      YouangEldrisHello Heir YouangEldris!

      Thank you so much for the details and yes you are right you can buy Rank Up Pack 1 and 2 even if you bought them before. We wish you the best of luck in all your future adventures! :)

      Keep safe!

    • images
      2020.07.23 03:54 (UTC+0)

      AerinThis is super helpful! Thank you!! 

  • images
    2020.07.22 10:53 (UTC+0)

    Arigathanks gozaimuch!!

  • images
    2020.07.22 10:56 (UTC+0)

    Still need mola gora's

    • images
      2020.07.22 22:54 (UTC+0)

      STOVE144467704Dude, calm down with your copy and paste insults (lol too serious with the White Knighting). You don't have to be a jerk to everyone. They didn't put the mola info in the announcement. They just mention it in stream. I get some people are being ungrateful but this was an innocent question.

    • images
      2020.07.23 09:49 (UTC+0)

      STOVE144467704This kind of behaviour and manner is unacceptable I have reported both your comments, by that I don't mean I agree with people whining and asking for unreasonable things but I don't agree with the way you tend to react and handle things stupidly to say the least.

      If you don't have enough manners and respect for the people around you then play the game quietly without talking and keep your comments to yourself we don't need that kind of energy in the game's forum...

  • images
    2020.07.22 10:58 (UTC+0)

    This is a really good update!  Loving the quality of life improvements. Keep up the great work smilegate! 

    • images
      2020.07.23 00:10 (UTC+0)

      Hello Heir Selathiel!

      Thank you so much for your love and support!

      We are glad to hear that you are happy with our update!

      We'll always do our best to make the game even better.

      Have a wonderful day. :)

    • images
      2020.07.23 02:26 (UTC+0)

      AerinHai hai o/

      Thanks for always updating us. I really appreciate the effort and hardwork. Keep it up! 


  • images
    2020.07.22 10:58 (UTC+0)

    The guild buff improvement and option to craft 10 pieces of gear are the only good thing about this patch. I wish we could get Yufine banner right away so we can be done with summer event sooner.

    • images
      2020.07.22 23:50 (UTC+0)

      epic7#6m9yq3Well Jokes on you. Dummy account. Im just here triggering all the useless Plebs

    • images
      2020.07.23 01:51 (UTC+0)

      STOVE144467704Ok. Pure. Cringe. 

  • images
    2020.07.22 11:07 (UTC+0)

    Still no free 5* selector for new players. This update is so little compare to other games like brave9 kings raid elchronicle. Guess you only care for old players

    • images
      2020.07.22 16:53 (UTC+0)

      GuzenTensaiWell, you aren't wrong but I think OP meant 5* selector in stead of that 30 reroll bs. You're gonna choose a 5* from there either way (high chance) so why bother with all those trial and error.

    • images
      2020.07.25 05:40 (UTC+0)

      LenXcaIdk, maybe because its a gacha game? But actually I feel like a newly made account has higher chances of rolling 5* and you will get your desired 5* anyways, real problem is when you have too many and cant build them. 

  • images
    2020.07.22 11:08 (UTC+0)

    You can only catch up to other players if u are willing to spend a lot. Money grabber ****

    • images
      2020.07.22 16:07 (UTC+0)

      Oh sure...ARE YOU THINK THAT THE DEVELOPERS AREN'T HUMAN??? THEY STILL NEED MONEY TO LIVE YOU IDIOT! So either pay some money to support them or be a Ftp and shut your mouth up.

    • images
      2020.07.22 18:23 (UTC+0)

      AGRlASHe needs to do well in the game so he feels he's doing well in life.....oh wait

  • images
    2020.07.22 11:25 (UTC+0)

    Huge patch thank you

  • images
    2020.07.22 11:34 (UTC+0)

    With the rank up pack adjustment. Will the players that bought the pack previously get those free rank up rewards??

    • images
      2020.07.22 21:50 (UTC+0)

      Yup, you need to have the rank (for example me being 65 and bought the rank up packs get all rewards from both and can debuy the packs again.) If they keep the same price tag as before I think I'll rebuy em.

    • images
      2020.07.23 20:38 (UTC+0)


  • images
    2020.07.22 11:35 (UTC+0)

    The 3RD week story is named "Dark Sinful Island " does that have something to do with Singelica back story.

  • images
    2020.07.22 11:44 (UTC+0)

    “When they...” When they what??.?

  • images
    2020.07.22 11:59 (UTC+0)

  • images
    2020.07.22 12:02 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for the QoL improvement <3

    Any news for the ML dupe tho? 

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