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Banshee 11 team help ?? [5]

Currently still in banshee 11 

i have f.cluri, vivian, bellona, violet, lilibet, angelica, b.dingo, kiris. My team now is bellona/vivian/kiris, lilibet (dps), b.dingo/angelica, violet frontline. And maybe some advice set for each character for banshee ??

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    2020.07.13 06:58 (UTC+0)

    I use Angelic Montmorency, Cidd, and Bellona, and Charles (optional not need).

    Others use 2 soul  weavers with the wonder Potions  to help cleanse off the poison as well.

    Violet works too with his s2 and the chance to counter 

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    2020.07.13 11:31 (UTC+0)

    Most teams needs 2 cleansers since Banshee might wipe you on auto if you fail to cleanse even once. Especially near her death.

    My auto B13 team (around 90% succes rate)

    Vivian - full attack/crit set. 50% cr push on her unique equip. (she has low speed, around 130, but makes up for her S1 and UE cr boosts) She has aoe for mysti's, does high dmg and has immunity shield + attack buff

    A.Momo - cleanse heal, mine has 200 speed to cycle fast. (M. tome artifact )

    Alencia - def breaker, green unit (banshees heals by attacking non green units), 2nd dmg dealer (draco plate, 200 speed)

    Lilias - she somehow works better than elena or other cleanser for me lol. Also her S1 helps Vivian/Alencia. Aurius is nice too. (165 speed, 190% resistance, 25k hp, also use in pvp)

    But in general just have 2 cleansers and you have a good chance to make it. I think your Bellona and Vivian are nice already. Angelica is not so good since you already have Vivian's immunity. You just need the cleansers now probably.

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    2020.07.17 10:41 (UTC+0)

    If you don't have at least one cleanser then you would have to work up to being able to one-shot banshee (SO MUCH WORK).

    Normal clearing Banshee requires two cleanser - and A Momo is the queen of cleansing. If you don't have then Angelica (Potion Vial and fast) and Jecht (also fast, maybe with Ranons) would be strong. Jecht can handle B11 at level 50, just max S2 and S1 - his blind protects your team from stacking poisons.

    You need at least one AOE DPS for the mobs she summons - Vivian or Bellona or both. If you only pick one, I'd say Bell for the Def Break, then Violet for more blinds and single target (both fast, decent HP and defence - then built Crit% and CritD as high as you can and give them both DDJ).

    As you start to get more Destruction gear and deal more damage, you may want a one-shot team like: Bell (to kill first wave), Vivian (Tagahels), F. Kluri and a crazy strong Blingo. 

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    2020.08.03 04:58 (UTC+0)

    just yeet it use c zerato and auto but the gear requirement quite high

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    2020.09.06 14:04 (UTC+0)

    I don't have any cleanser on my team. but here how i do it
    I'm Using Bellona, Holiday Yufine, Angelica, and Free Spirit Tieria.

    My Bellona using Exclusive Equipment decrease enemy's CR.
    Angelica Stats: Speed around 170, HP around 16K, def around 1.3K. Using speed set + HP set not max
    Holiday Yufine: 10K HP using Attack and crit rate set. not max
    Bellona: All equip max, my main DPS, if she die. 100%failed,
    Tieria: Destruction and Crit set. She's squishy, 6K HP

    My success rate around 80%.

    For your heroes:
    I will suggest Vivian, Bellona, Angelica, 1 Def Break.

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