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Question: Arena All Healer Team Comp - DCorvus or WSchuri

  • SirJay
  • 2020.07.10 08:08 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 133

Hi Team, I need your advice.

I don't have that much good speed gear.

I stumble upon this composition (random from six of those from time to time):

Roana, Angelica, A.montmo, Ruele, Ray, Diene

They have really good speed gears than mine.

Majority, Ruele has the Proof of valor.

Roana has that touch of reckos, some times those running with double idol's cheer.

I don't have Yufine.

Also sometimes, due to speed tuning of both sides, even if I setup a def break, it will just be cleansed.

So my Cermia (4k attk, 250 cdmg), is not able to kill those with Proof of valor.

By the way, I have Hurado at level 50. I just put him in my team (so already taking 1 slot).

But due to godly speed gear of the other side, their healing seems to keep up.

Now this got me thinking;

Maybe I need someone that penetrates defense 100%.

I was thinking of building either DCorvus or WSchuri.

To those who have and build them, may I know your inputs?

Somehow, I'm leaning towards DCorvus, because WSchuri is to squishy, I won't be able to easily bring him in other pvp/gvg.

While DCorvus is a bruiser type, I'll just give him pure health 30k+?

Atleast I can bring DCorvus in both pvp and gvg easily.

However, those are just theoretical and based on youtube that I watched.

My DCorvus and WSchuri are both 50. No molas. not yet build.

0 black phantasma as well.

I can only build one.....

Again, to those who have and build them, may I know your inputs?

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