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  • 2020.07.09 15:04 (UTC+0)
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I'm a new player almost a month in, just looking for some advice on what to do. I can consistently do w11, should i focus on buffing my wyvern units to go w13 asap or focus on other units for other pve which I'm stuck on (raid/tower/adventure)? Also some team comp recommendations for all game modes will be super helpful ^^

6 stars: lena, angelica

5 stars: sigret, furious, ssb, mistychain, charles, ruele, iseria, ml tieria, lilias, ludwig

4 stars: c.dom, asscart, shadow rose, ml surin, singelica, khawana, karin, zerato, leo, lots, crozet, clarissa, rin, cidd, armin

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    2020.07.09 16:13 (UTC+0)

    I would say go for w13 as soon as possible, the free sets that have given out helps a lot and you don’t even need to 6star many units for it. I run 3 level 50 myself.

    Would probably use Angelica,taranor guard, alexa and sigret if I were you. Personally I don’t find ssb’s debuffs to be consistent enough.
    would also do raid and automation as soon as possible :)

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