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  • 2020.07.08 10:32 (UTC+0)
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Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


New PVE content! The Expedition update is ready for you! 

Work with your friends to defeat Boss monsters and earn a variety of rewards! 


Labyrinth Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 5 is finally available! Will Ras and his friends be able to return the sanctuary to its original state? 


We have also prepared for you new Exclusive Equipment, as well as details about the end of the World Arena Showdown Season and in addition to Arena improvements. 


We have a packed update that you can’t miss!


Shall we take a look below! 

1. Expedition Update

Players can go on an Expedition using Wanted Posters obtained from Hunt. Defeat wanted Boss monsters to earn rewards. Work with your friends or Guild members to get rid of troublesome monsters! 


■ How to Unlock Expedition            

Clear Hunt 8 (Wyvern, Golem, Banshee or Azimanak) 


■ How to Enter

1. Through the Lobby

- If there is an Expedition that is recruiting members or if you have a Wanted Poster, you can immediately enter Expedition from the main lobby. 

- Tap the Garo’s Expedition Icon to enter the Expedition. 

2. Through Hunt

- You can enter Expedition by going to [Battle > Hunt] or [Battle > Hunt > Select Stage].


■ Schedule

- Expedition will be held on a monthly basis. 





Korea / Asia 

Every last day of the month at 18:00 UTC


Every first day of the month at 03:00 UTC


Every first day of the month at 10:00 UTC


Korea / Asia 

Every last day of the month at 12:59 UTC


Every last day of the following month at 21:59 UTC


Every first day of the following month at 04:59 UTC

- Expedition Calculation: Players cannot use Expeditions during the Calculation period at the end of the month and prior to the start of the next Expedition.

■ Currency

- Players can access Expedition using Energy. 


Energy Cost








■ Expedition Creation Currency - Wanted Posters

- Players can create an Expedition by using 1 Wanted Poster. 

- Discover: There is a set chance for Wanted Posters to be received from Hunt 8 or above. 

- Players can check the amount of Wanted Posters they have by going to [Expedition > My Wanted Posters]. 

- You can remove unwanted posters. However, these cannot be recovered. 

- You can carry up to 5 Wanted Posters. If you already have 5 Wanted Posters, you will not be able to obtain more. 

■ How to Proceed

[Create an Expedition]

- You can create an Expedition by going to [My Wanted Posters > Select Wanted Poster > Embark].

- Select the Boss Level and tap the Confirm button to create an Expedition.

- In order to proceed to a higher level, you have to clear the preceding level.

- You cannot change the level after creating an Expedition. 


[Expedition Invites]

- Once you fully created an Expedition, you can invite Friends or Guild Members. 

[Expedition List]

- Even if you do not create an Expedition, you can participate in one if you receive an invite from a Friend or Guild member. 

- You can check your invites by going to [Expedition List > Recruiting].  

- You can receive up to 20 invites per Boss. Once you reach the limit, you cannot receive any more invitations. 

- Up to 6 people can participate in an Expedition.


- You can remove Expeditions from the Recruiting list.  

- If you participate in an Expedition you were invited to, that Expedition will move to the In Progress tab. 


[Expedition Preparation]

- Select an Expedition from the list and tap the enter button and you will move to the battle ready screen. 

- Players who created an Expedition can invite Friends and Guild members from the battle preparation screen. 

- Players can view the rewards they may get if they defeat a Boss monster in a certain Expedition by viewing the Rewards Preview. 


[Expedition Battle Ready]

- Expedition teams are formed for each Boss monster. 

- Players can participate in the same Expedition up to 3 times per day. 

- Energy will be consumed when you enter the Expedition and will not be reimbursed if you are defeated or if you leave the Expedition. 

- Supporters, Pets, and Guardians cannot participate. 


[Expedition Battle]

- The Health of the Boss monster and the Expedition Damage Ranking will be displayed on the Battle screen. This will be updated periodically. 

   * If the Boss’s Health is 0, the Boss will die on the next turn and the battle will end. 

   * Even if the Boss dies, the damage inflicted on the boss up to right when it dies will be reflected in the Expedition Damage Ranking. 

- Even if the Expedition is terminated in the middle of battle, the number of possible entries and Energy will be deducted and 
rewards will be distributed. 

- You will not be able to carry out an Expedition battle again. 

[Expedition Result]

- Players can view Expeditions that have ended by going to [Expedition List > In progress]. You can also view the results by tapping the Results tab and then receive the rewards.  

- You can view the ranking only for players who inflicted more than 1 point of damage or more on a Boss. 
[Expedition Rewards]

- If you win or lose an Expedition, you will be able to receive rewards within 24 hours. Unclaimed Expeditions will disappear after a certain time.



Participation Reward

You can obtain Gold for participating in an Expedition against a Boss monster. 

Victory Reward

Players can obtain Reforging Materials and Boss points dropped by each Boss. 

Players can earn rewards from the Expedition Depot based on accumulated Boss Points. 

[Time Attack] Eliminate the Boss within 30 minutes of creating an Expedition to obtain one additional Reforging Material. 

Defeat Reward

Players may obtain Reforging Materials and Gold dropped by each Boss. 

Players cannot obtain Manifestation Stone or Boss Points. 



■ Expedition Depot

- You can collect points by being victorious in Expedition and use them to earn rewards at the Expedition Depot. 

- When you successfully defeat a Boss monster, you can obtain points and rewards for each Boss monster. 

[Reward Collection Period]

- Players can obtain rewards from the Expedition Depot within the specified collection period. 

- Expedition Depot rewards whose collection period is over can be collected from [Previous Expedition Depot]. The [Previous Expedition Depot] will have last month’s rewards. 

■ Other Rules

- Heroes who are currently in an Expedition cannot be transmitted or used as enhancement material. 

- If there is no activity for 10 minutes after entering a battle, the result screen will be displayed. 

- At the end of the Expedition period, and when Calculations begin, all Expeditions currently In Progress will be set to defeat. 

- At the end of the Expedition period and when Calculations begin, all Wanted Posters owned will be reset.

- Boss points will not be carried forward to the next period. 


※ Expedition Bosses will be replaced in a rotation, one at a time in the future. Depending on the boss rotation, Difficulty Level, Drop Rewards and Expedition Depot Rewards may be changed or added.

2. Nixied's Sanctum Zone 5 - Frostproof Valley 

You have arrived at the center of the melting sanctum. Restore the sanctum by collecting the scattered energy of Nixied.

■ How to Enter

Clear the path to Frostproof Valley from Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 4 


■ Entrance Currency

Labyrinth Compass x1


■ Main Rewards

[Stage Mission Reward]



Clear Zone 5

Ancient Coin x50

Persuade Challenger Dominiel

Ancient Coin x50

Listen to Elisia of the Ice

Ancient Coin x50


[Gold Chest Reward]

3. Two New Exclusive Equipment Added

- New Exclusive Equipment for the 5★ Hero, Ravi, and the 5★ Hero, Kawerik will be added to the Hall of Trials Exchange.  

- Players can obtain Exclusive Equipment from the Hall of Trials Exchange using Wisdom’s Gaze.

- Exclusive Equipment stats and skill effects will be applied randomly after the Equipment has been purchased.  

Exclusive Equipment Information

[5 Ravi]

[5 Kawerik]




■ Vivian and Luluca’s Exclusive Equipment will be added to the Alchemist's Steeple. 

4. Side Story - Seaside Showdown


After being invited to Reingar Resort by Karin, the members of the Phantom CIC have a water gun fight to decide who will prepare the night's dinner party. Enjoy their fun stories in this puzzle side story. 

■ Schedule

7/9 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/23 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

How to Enter 

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story]. 

How to Play

[Puzzle Side Story

- Players can play through the story by tapping the ‘Start’ button when they first enter. 

- After completing the first story, players can complete missions by tapping the puzzle piece. 


[Generate Puzzle Mission]

- Puzzle missions are assigned randomly and the mission goal can be changed.  

- The first 10 times you change the mission are free. After that, the cost will increase. The reward will be maintained even if the 

mission goal changes. 

- Players can undertake 3 missions at the same time and can view the missions on the list on the right. 

[Album Progress

- When players clear a Puzzle Mission, the progress will be increased. Additionally, the event button at the bottom will be activated 

according to the progress. 

- Players can view a story that they have already completed again. This includes the first story. 

- There are no battle stages in the side story, Seaside Showdown.

[Acquire Illustration

- When a player obtains a reward for a mission, the puzzle piece will disappear and will be replaced with an illustration silhouette.  

- When you complete 100% of the album, the silhouette will disappear and the illustration will be unlocked. 

- The unlocked illustration will be added to the Art Journal.

5. Aramintha & Etica’s Scepter Drop Rate Up! 

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet Aramintha, a Fire elemental Mage who increases her allies’ attack while containing the enemy by 

inflicting a powerful Burn debuff and stunning all enemies. Players can also obtain the Mage exclusive Artifact, Etica’s Scepter, which 

is able to reduce the skill cooldown of powerful skills. 


■ Schedule

7/9 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/16 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


6. Ravi & Durandal Drop Rate Up! 

In this Drop Rate Up event, players will be able to meet the Fire elemental Warrior, Ravi, who has the passive ability which increases 

her attack both after being attacked and as well as after attacking. Players will also have the chance to receive the Artifact, Durandal, 

which, if the caster’s Health is at 75% or less after being attacked, will grant the caster increased Combat Readiness!


■ Schedule

7/9 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/16 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

7. World Arena「Showdown Season」Closing

 ■ Please see below for the World Arena Showdown Season Ending Schedule and Pre-Season Schedule




Showdown Season Ending

2020.07.09 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


2020.07.10 (Fri) 03:00 UTC ~ TBD

Strife Season


※ The schedule for the World Arena Showdown Season Ending and start of the Pre-Season will be the same on all servers. 

World Arena Showdown Season Reward Distribution



Season Reward 1

Season Reward 2

Season Reward 3


Epic Skin

[Specter Tenebria Skin]

Showdown Frame I

Background Pack [Showdown Battlefield]


Showdown Frame II


Showdown Frame III


Showdown Frame IV


1500 Conquest Points


1500 Conquest Points


1000 Conquest Points

Placement in progress 

(Played more than once)



※ Players can receive the World Arena Showdown Season rewards when they access the World Arena during the Pre-Season. 

[Specter Tenebria’s Skin, “Dark Tyrant Tenebria]


■ Hall of Fame

- At the end of the regular season, the players who completed the season in the top 1-3 spots will be recorded in the Hall of Fame.


※ For more information regarding the end of the World Arena Showdown Season, please see this link.

World Arena Showdown Season


■ Additional World Arena Improvements

- A new function will be added where the pre-banned Hero will be shown on the screen after being banned.

8. Arena Improvements

■ Schedule

- Improvements will be applied after the maintenance on 7/9 (Thu) 

■ Blind Day 

- Eligible Leagues: Champion V and above 

- Details: For a certain amount of time, the details of your opponent in Arena will be hidden. 



Blind Day Schedule 

Korea / Asia / Japan

Every Saturday 18:00 ~ Sunday 12:59 UTC


Every Sunday 03:00 ~ 09:59 UTC


Every Sunday 10:00 ~ Monday 04:59 UTC



- The opponent’s basic information such as Nickname, Account Rank, Victory Points, Ranking, etc will not be displayed.

[Blind Day Mark]

- During the Blind Day time period, a signifying mark will be displayed on the main Arena pop-up as well as when you enter the Arena. 



- When you enter Champion V and higher 

* Eligibility: When you achieve the minimum rank, then Blind Day will be applied

* Battle Log: When you enter the Arena all the logs will be hidden regardless of their time. (Excluding NPC battles) 

– If you fall below Champion V

* Opponent: Opponents left on the list will not be unhidden. The opponent information will only be displayed when the list is refreshed. 

* Battle Log: All logs will be unhidden when you re-enter the Arena. 

- Battle Ready

* Heroes will be randomly placed and displayed on the screen regardless of their actual location. 

* The opponent’s information will not be displayed. 

* The opponent’s nickname will not be displayed. 

* On the Battle screen, the formation of the Heroes will be the same formation that the opponent has selected.
- The order of defense Heroes placed by the opponent will be displayed randomly. 
- After Blind Day has been applied, the list of enemies appearing will be random, instead of in order from lowest points.

■ Refresh Limit

- Target: All Leagues (Bronze ~ Legend)

- Details: Up to 30 paid refreshes will be available daily. 

※ Free refreshes will not be deducted from the total count. 

※ Even if you use all your 30 paid refreshes, you will still be able to use free refreshes. 

※ The opponent list refresh cooldown and paid refresh cost will be maintained. 

※ The number of refreshes available will reset at the server reset time. 



Reset Time

Korea / Asia / Japan

18:00 UTC


03:00 UTC


10:00 UTC


■ Ranking Menu Adjustments and Improvements

- “League Ranking” and “Previous Season Ranking” will be deleted and “Previous Weekly Ranking” will be added. 

-  Adjustments will be made so that defense Heroes are not displayed in the Season Ranking and Previous Weekly Ranking.  

– The previous week’s ranking will be displayed in the “Previous Weekly Ranking” section. 

[Total Ranking]

- Basic: Ranking information will be displayed as is currently. 

- Blind Day: Defense hero information will be hidden and only the class icon, level, grade, and awaken status will be displayed. (This 

will be the same for all grades.)


■ Victory Points Acquired / Lost Rule Adjustments

- The rules for Victory points acquired or lost for Champion V ~ LegendⅠ will be adjusted. 


■ (Added) New effect icons added

-New buff effect types have been added.

-New effects are marked as 'unique effects' and are displayed with icons different from the existing effect icons.

■ Other

- Adjustments will be made so that the Battle Log is stored up to 7 days. 

- A Blind Day guide will be added. 

- Improvements have been made so that if a player does not have enough Gold when refreshing the Arena list, a pop-up directing 

them to the Shop will be displayed. 

9. Other Improvements and Adjustments

■ App Icon Change 

- The Epic Seven app icon will be changed from Angelica to Challenger Dominiel. 


■ Title Screen Change 

- Schedule : 7/9 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/23 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ Package

- The Equipment Pack will be renewed. 

- Availability: Every 4th week of the month after the maintenance on 7/9 (Thu) 

- Purchase Condition: This pack can be purchased 5 times per account during the sale period. 


■ Hero and Artifact

- Improvements will be made so that players can transmit Limited Heroes obtained from events. 

* If a player has more than one of the same Hero, the remaining Heroes can be transmitted if one of the Heroes has been imprinted to SSS.   

* You can also transmit Hero Memory Imprint materials if the Hero has been Imprinted to SSS.

- An intermittent issue where the 3★ Hero, Sven, had his skill, Capital Punishment be unusable during auto-battle will be fixed. 

- (Added) An issue where, when completing the 3★ Hero, Falconer Kluri's Specialty Change mission, "Eliminate 500 Wild Plants" the monster, "Tortus" when defeated did not count and will be fixed.

- An issue where in certain circumstances, the skill cooldown effect for the 4★ Hero, Dingo’s skill, Free Dinner, was triggered even if the target was not defeated will be fixed.  

- Adjustments will be made to the skill descriptions for the 4★ Artifacts Sashe Ithanes and Midnight Bloom. There are no functional changes. 

- An issue where in the skill description for Heroes and Artifacts, the word ‘below’ was used instead of ‘less’. This will be fixed. There are no functional changes.









Danger Zone


Mark of Protection


Wicked Strike


Predatory Roar


Vampiric Seal


Urgent Regen


Final Blow



Mascot Hazel

Urgent Regen





Sigurd Scythe

Envoy's Pipe

Sword of the Morning

Grail of Blood


The skill descriptions for the following Heroes and Artifact will be adjusted. However, there will be no functional changes made. 



Hero / Artifact Name

Skill Name




Wicked Strike

Adjustments will be made to clarify the conditions under which additional attacks are triggered. 



Predatory Roar

Adjustments will be made to clarify the amount of Health recovered when this skill is triggered 




Adjustments will be made so that the order of the skills is clarified. 



Adjustments will be made to clarify the conditions under which additional attacks are triggered.


Homing Laser (Includes Exclusive Equipment)

Adjustments will be made so that the order of the skills is clarified.


Envoy's Pipe

Adjustments will be made to clarify the timing of Health recovery due to an Artifact effect. 


Sigurd Scythe

Adjustments will be made so that the order of the skills is clarified.


■ Monster

- Adjustments will be made to the skill description of Secretary Vera who appears in Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Normal) to fit the actual effect. No functional changes will be made. 


■ Monster and Story

- Charlotte, Luluca and Iseria’s story will be added to [Journal > Story Journal > Hero Stories] 

- (Added) An issue where the back button did not react after being tapped, after moving to an Episode from [Adventure > Select Episode] will be fixed.


■ Other

- The layout for the Notifications settings will be improved. 


- Players will now be able to disable screen touch effect by going to [Option > Game Settings > Basic Settings > Disable Screen Touch Visual Effect].

- Two illustrations for Episode 2 Chapter 10 will be added to [Journal > Art Journal > Episode].

- Improvements will be made so that visual effects are added when the skip button is displayed during a Tutorial. 

- An issue where the text was not displayed for the clear portal location when going to Zone 4 from Zone 3 in Nixied’s Sanctum will be fixed. 

- An issue where for Android devices tapping the back button from the screen where you select your Weekly Arena Rank reward [Skystone / Mystic Medal] did not take you to the lobby will be fixed. 

- An intermittent issue where the Hall of Trials points was not reflected in the ranking will be fixed. 

- An issue where it was possible to access to Guide, Auto Battle, Chat, or Settings while using the Situation Information Section (Hourglass icon on the top-left side) from battle will be fixed.

- An issue where you were able to see chat messages of a blocked player after you access the game will be fixed. 

- Improvements will be made so that there is a color identification in the one-line chat when you summon a 5★ Hero/Artifact or when a player enhances Equipment. 

- An issue where the Guild chat tab selection was maintained even after leaving a Guild will be fixed. 

- An issue where an error occurred when a player continuously tapped a banner in the top right of the lobby will be fixed. 

- An issue where the battle ready UI did not display if you have less than 4 Heroes will be fixed. 

- An issue where, immediately after entering a stage where a Boss appears, if a player taps the Hero Selection UI on the battle ready screen, the speech bubble and filter temporarily overlapped will be fixed. 

- An issue where the Guild greeting was displayed as having more than 50 characters will be fixed.

- An issue where tapping on the background after selecting a Hero when assigning your defense team for Guild Wars would not cancel the selection will be fixed. 

- An issue where the one-line chat is overlapped with another UI during a World Arena battle will be fixed. 


Thank you.

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    2020.07.08 10:57 (UTC+0)

    BESTWhen will you finally fix molas? 

    This game is so boring and broken because of it, but you've shown us time and again that you don't listen at all, and all you care about is money.

    The only time they ever listened was when the game got review-bombed.. hint hint

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    2020.07.08 10:44 (UTC+0)

    BESTThank You for your hardwork

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    2020.07.08 10:43 (UTC+0)

    BESTIncoming "No Mola update" again :)

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:39 (UTC+0)

    ohh nooo

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:43 (UTC+0)

    Incoming "No Mola update" again :)

    • images
      2020.07.08 22:45 (UTC+0)

      EnundrThe game always wins millions$, and is always one of the most profitable games, what are you talking about? Pop-up packs aren't a bad thing, and strictly not embarrassing, besides being common. It's even something that could have been there all along.

    • images
      2020.07.09 01:39 (UTC+0)

      Satoruobviously, epic seven is doing good financially. That being said, I hate the pop up packs. I wouldnt mind it if they were good value but they are atrocious. So bad its better to just flat out buy skystones. Plus, seeing them is annoying

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:44 (UTC+0)

    Thank You for your hardwork

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:49 (UTC+0)

    ML Tenebria's epic skin voice is terribly shit, change it

    • images
      2020.07.08 18:46 (UTC+0)

      OwletYah her voice is great

    • images
      2020.07.09 11:48 (UTC+0)

      Alot of us dont like it and it would be nyce to change voice packs from original and back in the costume change screen..i dont no why the original VA was not on this skin but she is awesome. So plz work on putting a switch 

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:56 (UTC+0)

    What the **** is that EE for Ravi? This is disgusting,I never have seen a character being this shafted ever in your stupid game...None of her EE are good and help her in any ways...This is literally an insult and middle finger to all Ravi's fan who were waiting for her to have a chance to be relevant again.But hey its fine because people can just use broken **** like Kayron,Charles or Basar instead right?Shits that are overdue a nerf but never will...Ah,I'm so glad i did quit this garbage game,this convinced me to never come back ever again.

    • images
      2020.07.09 08:02 (UTC+0)

      EdeaGodspell*Tips hat from one fellow ch.2 to another*

    • images
      2020.07.09 17:31 (UTC+0)

      FantaSeaWell hello there, what brings you to this festering pit of toxicity

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:57 (UTC+0)

    When will you finally fix molas? 

    This game is so boring and broken because of it, but you've shown us time and again that you don't listen at all, and all you care about is money.

    The only time they ever listened was when the game got review-bombed.. hint hint

    • images
      2020.07.16 04:33 (UTC+0)

      EdeaGodspell6 months for max one hero? what brain?

    • images
      2020.07.22 11:47 (UTC+0)

      KinumdrumI misspoke. But you understood very well.
      Besides, it doesn't contradict me. They could have listened before, and listened less now because of that. Contradiction? Nope.

      They always listen, but they'll eventually stop - rightly so - given the absolutely idiotic community they have..

      If you have something to say next time, instead of just trying to pick up on the turn of a phrase, feel free.

  • images
    2020.07.08 10:58 (UTC+0)

    new hero coming maybe next week but still no mola to invest...

    • images
      2020.07.09 03:39 (UTC+0)

      OwletYeah!, how dare people experiment and have fun with all the units the game offers!!!!, WHY WOULD SOME ***** LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH THEY WOULD WANT TO PLAY AS MANY CHARACTERS THEY FIND INTERESTING!?!?!?

    • images
      2020.07.09 07:30 (UTC+0)

      Owletbecause im not spending mola to new unit that why i need more mola to invest them, i have 3 hero waiting for mola now with full 90 gears and all the new units just stay in the waiting room...

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:00 (UTC+0)

    The true hero of the update
    Improvements will be made so that players can transmit Limited Heroes obtained from events. 

    Aside from that SG is back at using EEs as excuse to not properly buff a unit that needs it. In this case, Kawerik. Still good update.

    • images
      2020.07.08 21:22 (UTC+0)

      EtherAlphai dont know about you, but karewik is in an extremely weak spot right now. even if hes faster than most dps, theres no point if 1. there are way better offensive units (cdom, cermia, charles, ml ken, arby, blood blade karin). unlike them, he cant one shot reliably, and he also cannot sustain, or do massive cleave dmg like them. Not only that, even if he does go to the utility side, why would u use him over a dizzy, or atywin, or any utility unit in the meta? also, the general consensus of karewik is that hes underwhelming, soo.
      i do agree though, his Ees arent that awful 

    • images
      2020.07.10 13:23 (UTC+0)

      EdeaGodspellacidd does kawericks job but better

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:01 (UTC+0)

    Meh patch nothing really new, We need more PVE content Or something that will interest players to come-back playing, literally I have been playing this game since global release which is 2 or 3 years ago i think and i feel that content is becoming more stagnant. I don't if its just me i used to be excited for every patch but now its just meh every week. 


    • images
      2020.07.08 21:17 (UTC+0)

      MrNaviscamyoure pretty much hardstuck masters/gold arent you.

      no one hacks in arena. macro, yes.but hacking in arena? you think people got the time to manually inflate their stats?

    • images
      2020.07.08 21:18 (UTC+0)

      MrNaviscamoh my god. you expect whales to get nth from paying?

      i paid 2000$ in sw and i got nth. thats called unfairness. but this is a damned gacha, its how it works.

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:13 (UTC+0)

    Nice Ravi EE! The Kawerik looks a bit 'meh' though. Also why no Kawerik banner but random Aramintha banner? ML Ara next mystic? Next limited seaside hero?

    • images
      2020.07.08 15:17 (UTC+0)

      Idk dude.  I think the kawerick ee is being underrated.  Aoe blind or 20% more dmg on aoe that has 30% ignore def..  Time will tell.  But kudos kn recognizing that Ravi ee is good

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:21 (UTC+0)

    I'm not sure if you guys are watching or reading the updates about Mola. 

    If you have time to rant how awful your life is then perhaps you also have time to stay updated right?

    They already said that they just needed time for the scarcity of Mola to be addressed perhaps increasing the weekly free Molas. Please refer to the E7 Table talk. 

    • images
      2020.07.12 14:23 (UTC+0)

      Zaphiebut people have been talking about the problem for a year? how long do you have to take to acknowledge the business losses and other aspects, you tell me? 
      and reminder, theyre the 1 with the degrees and diplomas

      imagine being rude to someone who put his observations about the development of e7.

      entitled brat, how about you stop being a SJW and viewing the world through rose tinted glasses.

    • images
      2020.07.12 21:18 (UTC+0)

      EdeaGodspellTry enlightening yourself with Marketing 101. Reading helps a lot I tell you.

      Correction! I'm never rude to people who brings his observations/relevant suggestions or feedbacks to the table. Senseless complaints and rude banters are that of which deserve those treatment.

      Entitled how so? Judging from your choice of words and baseless arguments, I really do recommend backreading and comprehending more. How shameful to spout such nonsense without even grasping the entirety. 

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:32 (UTC+0)

    - Fix hunt 13 drop rate?

    - Mmm... naa...  Lets create new content with similar drop from hunt but for 20 energy and timer!


    • images
      2020.07.08 21:14 (UTC+0)

      EtherAlphaive only upgraded one damn conversion with wyvern farming and spoiler alert: my only good gears come from conversions.

    • images
      2020.07.09 03:45 (UTC+0)

      Agreed, i been doing hunt for 2+ years, i have NEVER gotten a single useful gear from that place.

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:39 (UTC+0)

    Can we get some ML ara buffs? You're giving them to ml tywin and ml ravi when they're already seeing more play than her.

    • images
      2020.07.12 14:18 (UTC+0)

      Ziennreally? wasnt immunity set released after ml baal and ara

    • images
      2020.07.12 15:58 (UTC+0)

      EdeaGodspellNot atl all. I get the feeling someone told something along the lines "We couldn't farm immunity set before Azimanak hunt). Immunity set was farmable through raid. Sure it wasn't as efficient but it was there.

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    2020.07.08 11:44 (UTC+0)

    So with more content that needs energy are you going to increase the stamina cap from 144?

  • images
    2020.07.08 11:49 (UTC+0)

    Ah yes, fighting a water boss with fire units will totally work.

    • images
      2020.07.09 05:56 (UTC+0)

      It made me laugh too, but thank you for this priceless comment, because it gave me some more giggles afterwards. xDDD

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    2020.07.08 12:00 (UTC+0)


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      2020.07.09 03:46 (UTC+0)

      You know.......not all criticism is crying, just because it disagrees with some of your opinions doesn't mean its crying.

    • images
      2020.07.09 12:56 (UTC+0)

      Yeah stove page is the best, full oh crying babies. Need to get my popcorn  next time before I start going through the comments.

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