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Arena Offence Team Tips Please.. [2]


I want to use BBK and SS Achates as a core of my PvP pool of units. In GvG they are simple enough to use - you just include a bait unit that works best against the team you are facing (Krau to bait earth, Fighter Maya to bait dark, etc). 

In Arena, though, I get the sense that this duo doesn't offer the same level of power - or maybe I need the right composition to make it strong.

Can you guys recommend any units I can pair with BBK and SS Achates in Arena Offence? 

I'm not in a high league - and I'm still building up a solid pool of units for PvP, so my focus is on investing in the right units early on, to save resources in the long run.

I don't run into too many ML Nat5's - but I do see A Vildred everywhere, and Dizzy and SSB thanks to the recent banner.

I don't have any ML Nat5's, but I do have quite a lot of RBG Nat5's, including most of the limited units that have come out recently (except Diene).

Any thoughts?

Also thanks!

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    2020.07.02 16:30 (UTC+0)

    Put Taranor Royal Guard(maxed s2) with no gear and even lv 1 and give him immortal and laugh while fighting teams with no strippers

    SS Achates can make any dps a monster against non strippers(ml ken is the worst of all when you don't put Sigurd Scythe on him...you can put Flower Shower to get an atk buff every time he kills someone)

    Charlotte will always do crit damage on non water heroes

    I really wish I would finally get her along with A.Lots but I prefer SS Achates

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    2020.07.03 20:46 (UTC+0)

    basar tywin bbk + any mage comps still tier 1. SSA works great with kyron bbk ml ken. bbk+ss ach turn 2 comp. u can use kyron bbk ssach + a.momo. or lilias. or second reviver. or triple sw + bbk. u can use hard cr push ssa with some speed imprint units into 3 turn immortal bbk.

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