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Pity for Artifact [3]

I already got SSB with SSS imprint but don't have Rengar Drink, and still summoning till my resource zero :(

so pls Dev, make pity system that can make us choose the Hero or the Artifact in the future, to make all the players happy

Or just make the rated up artifact is the only *5 Artifact in the banner

Thank you.

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    2020.07.01 12:07 (UTC+0)

    i wanted to get another arti too. But im afraid it will make me waste a lot of bm

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    2020.07.01 13:18 (UTC+0)

    Yes please i have been trying to get ssb's artifact for 2 years with no luck. 600 bookmarks last year and 1000 bookmarks this year. I feel frustrated with this game now. Please add the a guarenteed summon for the artifact

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    2020.07.01 14:48 (UTC+0)

    I agree that devs should look into this for limited artifacts in the very least. 

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