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Some Suggestions to improve gameplay

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  • HeoRung[HeoMoi]
  • 2020.07.01 02:21 (UTC+0)
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Dear SG DEV, 

1 - I hope that we will have the function that can switch all gears between 2 heroes, so that player can test heroes and gears easier, because at late game we have lots of gears. after testing a new set gear, its hard to find the previous set gear for the hero T__T. if have this function, just store the previous gear to another hero and switch back whenever we want

2 - is it possible to have function that  player can save gear set as a template likes Team Template?, we can make some sets like "best dps, best spd, best hp...." then we can choose the gear set for the hero at hero equipment

3 - I suggest we can sell hunt marterial to earn gold. Gold obtains from hunt is not enough for enchanting items, so that we dont have gold for crafting :( then Hunt Mat is useless unless it can be sold

4 - (Z0DIAC's idea) New item shop , appears once per month, you use that item to reset the Mola of one hero .

That item cost hard ,  like using Gold Transmit to buy it .

Anyone has another idea?

(sorry for my bad English :D ) 

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