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Question about the cr boosters [4]

I just want to understand this

If I have hero 250 speed(I don't know when I will actually reach that speed),how much speed the rest of your team or at least your next hero must have so for example judith 30% cr push will always gives a turn to the next hero even if the enemy fastest hero is at 99%

Is it 250-(250*30) which is 175(185 because of the random speed boost\drop)as a minimum

I am trying to speed tune my heroes so they will have enough speed and at the same time dial good amount of damage

Or if Elena have Magaraha at +15,how much speed does she need to get a turn after using S2 and she was not pushed back if the enemy next fastest hero is lets say 240 speed

Is it again 240-(240*22.5%)=186(196 because of the rng)

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    2020.06.29 22:37 (UTC+0)

    I think that percentage must be enought to reach the same speed than the pusher.

    Lets say your Judith have 250 speed and she will provide 30% CR.


    Team mate speed x (( 100% + CR% ) / 100%) = Judith´s speed = 250

    so, in this case...

    team mate speed x 1.30 = 250

    Team mate speed = 192.3 ==> 193

    30% of that number is 57.9 so that hero will reach 250.9 after Judith´s skill, and will be ready to attack.

    Remember that we still will have some RNG providing +/- 5% speed. But for me is working.

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    작성자 2020.06.29 22:50 (UTC+0)

    Do you know if the +/- 5% speed is per hero or the whole team

    Lets say all heroes have speed in the range of 200-210

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