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To cut to the chase, I just want to say 'Please make a side story of the 6th (and/or 5th) world'

As we all know, the story of Epic Seven started on the SEVENTH world when Ras woke up from his sleep. And even expanded the lore with Ras still sleeping through Diene's side story, Eulogy of a Saint. But before all that, at the very prologue of the story, we see only the endgame of the Sixth world where Ras, Vildred and the Heirs face the Archdemon. I still cannot get over the idea of how Ras journeyed to gather the 6th world heirs with their Guardians before facing the Archdemon. 

Also, I'm curious how each heroes led their life on the sixth world. Example, Vildred became a villain (Arby) in the seventh world, but he was Ras' companion in the sixth world. Or maybe Ras met entirely new heroes.

Since the lore really expanded by moving forward, why not expand it more by looking back at the past?

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    2020.06.30 08:06 (UTC+0)

    Sadly the updates are catered around pvp right now but i do agree that the game needs more story content aside from side story events

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