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Adventurer Ras need effectiveness? [2]

Hi, I am currently building my Ras for pvp/gvg and I was wondering... do I need effectiveness? In order to proc more dispel and the def break or do I just rely on the luck?... I had an idea to put him with some bruiser like counter set fire ken and a support whit high def... already have a nice set with hp and some speed but the though cross my mind: is it better to use in this case a speed set +hit set, try to get some effectiveness in substats maintaining immunity+speed or just full yolo and forget about effectiveness?

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    2020.06.29 16:21 (UTC+0)

    Without effectiveness, his defence break and strip are subject to all of the opponent's effect resistance.

    AFAIK Effect Resist is a dump stat for all units except healers/revivers and some tanks. So having no effectiveness on Ras shouldn't affect the% chance of proccing on S1 or S2.

    That said, we all know how often you roll your gear and get those pesky Eff Res increases. Or you deliberately roll a rare piece of gear to target just Attack% and Crit%, and lo-and-behold, Eff Res appears at +3, and gets targeted at +6, +9 and +12. Happens to me, you, and your opponent.

    A little bit of effectiveness helps to counter this.

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    작성자 2020.06.30 12:17 (UTC+0)

    Thanks! Maybe I'll put like 90 on him... Just remembered that one day I got a dps um a set with 74 effect resistance... Loved your help!

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