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Judment of the Rose ~ Smilegate please do it , just do it [5]

It is really highquality

form a vietnam artist


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    2020.06.20 19:23 (UTC+0)

    Beautifully designed, love it.

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    2020.06.21 10:32 (UTC+0)

    Really nice design. Would loved to see skill effects with this design in mind ^^

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    2020.06.22 05:04 (UTC+0)

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    2020.06.22 20:16 (UTC+0)

    Nice, but too similar to Lidica's skin.  

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    2020.06.23 23:13 (UTC+0)

    Is that real, because when I see the bar (the small kne) on the right it’s the same skin in the picture that you showed (the big one)

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