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[Update] 6/11 (Thu) Update Content [136]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.06.10 10:33 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 88152


Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


We have reviewed the various opinions that our Heirs sent in regarding the Hero Balance and AI adjustments. 

Let’s take a look at the Heroes we mentioned in our last Developer’s Note. 


We have also prepared a new collaboration for our Heirs and made improvements to the Equipment Conversion. 

There’s still more!

We have a Drop Rate Up event and an Epic Pass prepared just for you! 


Please see below for more details!

1. Hero Balance Adjustments

Certain Heroes will have a balance adjustment applied! 

Create new strategies with these Heroes!

 The probability and Cooldown values are based on the maximum skill enhancement available. 

 Skills that do not specify a Cooldown adjustment will maintain the same Cooldown period as before. 


■ Ambitious Tywin (5, Light, Knight)  

- The effect for Battle Command will be changed. 


- The effect for Flash will be changed. 


■ Charlotte (5, Fire, Knight) 

- The effect for Dual Swords will be changed. 


- The effect for Vortex will be changed. 

■ Destina (5, Earth, Soul Weaver)  

- The effect for Regen will be changed.


■ Lilibet (5, Earth, Warrior) 

- The effect for Soul Cutter will be changed. 


■ Tempest Surin (4, Light, Thief) 

- The effect for Swift Movement will be changed. 


- The effect and skill cooldown for Moonlight Shadow will be changed. 

■ Crescent Moon Rin (4, Dark, Thief) 

- The effect for Eyecatcher will be changed. 

■ Shooting Star Achates (4, Dark, Soul Weaver) 

- The effect for Sparkling Star will be changed. 


■ AI Adjustments

- We will make improvements to the AI of certain Heroes.


 For more details on the Hero Balance Adjustments, 
please check the notice, [6/11 (Thu) Balance Adjustment and Exclusive Equipment Option Change Preview]

2. Arena Determination Season Closing

The Arena Determination Season, which has been running since March 22, will come to an end and a new pre-season will begin. 


Arena Season Schedule

- The following is the schedule for the Arena Determination Season and Strife Season.  



 We will give more detailed information about the distribution of the Arena Determination Season frame through a separate notice. 

 We plan to make improvements to the Arena system during the pre-season. We will give detailed information through a separate notice. 

 For more details regarding the closing of the Arena Determination Season, please check this notice [Arena Determination Season Closing Information] 

3. Kizuna AI Collaboration

The confident and energetic virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI, has arrived in Orbis! ٩(ˊˋ*)و 

After the update on 6/11 (Thu), meet Kizuna AI and go on adventures with her.

What do you think she is looking for in Orbis? 

Will she be able to continue her work just like on Earth?

■ Schedule

6/11 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 9/10 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ Kizuna AI Collaboration Celebration Check-In Event 

- Players can obtain the 4 Hero, Kizuna AI as a reward when they log into Epic Seven during the collaboration period. 

- Players can obtain an additional Kizuna AI when they fulfill certain conditions (Check-In + Reach a certain Account Rank) 

- Players can obtain a maximum of 7 copies of Kizuna AI. The 4 Hero, Kizuna AI that is received as a check-in reward will be delivered to your mailbox.  

 Please Note

- Players can only obtain one Kizuna AI a day as a check-in reward. 

- The Kizuna AI Collaboration Celebration Check-In Event will reset daily at your server reset time. 

    Korea/Asia/Japan Server: 18:00 UTC 

    Europe Server: 03:00 UTC

    Global Server: 10:00 UTC

- Rewards that are not collected within 7 days will be removed from your mailbox. Please make sure to collect your reward within the period stated above. 

4. New 4 Hero – Kizuna AI 

The ever-energetic Kizuna AI has arrived in Orbis!
Kizuna AI fell into a deep sleep inside of a disc when the planet was destroyed, until one day she found herself in the hands of Yuna, who rebooted her. Meet the lovely and intelligent Super AI, Kizuna AI through this collaboration event!

[Hero Introduction]



[Skill Introduction]


5. New 4 Hero - Free Spirit Tieria

A beautiful and lonely adventurer chasing criminals! Free Spirit Tieria is here to meet our Heirs. 

Complete Connection missions to meet Free Spirit Tieria. 

■ Free Spirit Tieria

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]


■ How to Obtain

Complete Connection missions by going to [Lobby > Connections].


 Players will not be able to transmit Free Spirit Tieria. 

■4 Warrior Exclusive Artifact – Flower Shower 

- This Artifact can be acquired as a reward by completing the mission, Beautiful Pursuer, in the Adventurer’s Path. 

- Players will not be able to sell the Artifact, Flower Shower. 


■ [Adventurer’s Path > Beautiful Pursuer]







Recruit Free Spirit Tieria through Connections

2 Penguin Set (Light) x1

200,000 Gold


Reach Level 20 with Free Spirit Tieria

Light Rune x20

Greater Light Rune x2


Awaken Free Spirit Tieria (2★) 

Lv. 70 Epic Equipment Set (4 pieces)

Lv. 70 Epic Accessory Set (2 peices) 


Equip Free Spirit Tieria with Equipment

Artifact <Flower Shower> x 1

200,000 Gold


Equip Free Spirit Tieria with an Artifact

Greater Equipment Charm x 4

Greater Accessory Charm x4


Reach Level 30 with Free Spirit Tieria

Light Rune x17

Greater Light Rune x8


Awaken Free Spirit Tieria (3★)

3 Hero Tieria x2



Memory Imprint Free Spirit Tieria to Grade B

Ego Fragment x1



Unlock Imprint Concentration for Free Spirit Tieria

MolaGora x3



Enhance Free Spirit Tieria's Pursuit Cut skill 3 times

Artifact “Flower Shower” x1

150,000 Gold


Limit Break <Flower Shower> 

Artifact “Flower Shower” x4

Greater Artifact Charm x1


Reach Level 40 with Free Spirit Tieria

Stigma x720 

Epic Light Rune x1


Promote a Mega-Phantasma to 3

Giga-Phantasma x1



Promote a Giga-Phantasma to 4

Giga-Phantasma x2



Promote Free Spirit Tieria to 5

3 Penguin Set (Light) x1



Complete 'Beautiful Pursuer’

Tera-Phantasma x2


[Main Rewards – Lv. 70 Epic Equipment Set (4), Lv. 70 Epic Accessory Set (2)]

6. Tamarinne & Idol’s Cheer Drop Rate Up

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Soul Weaver, Tamarinne, who can both attack enemies and recover the Health of allies. Players can also obtain the Soul Weaver exclusive Artifact, Idol’s Cheer. 


■ Schedule

6/11 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 6/18 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

7. EpicPass - Summer Night Sky 2020 Season

The Epic Pass Summer Night Sky 2020 Season is here. 

As a reward, we have prepared a special Tamarinne’s skin and a special frame for you! 
We hope that many of our Heirs will participate in this Epic Pass. 


■ Schedule

6/11 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/9 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ Location

- Players can access the Summer Night Sky 2020 Season Epic Pass by going to the main lobby and tapping the “Epic Pass” icon. 


How to Use 

- You can increase your Season Rank by consuming the currencies specified.  

- As you increase your Season Rank, you can earn a variety of rewards!  

 Free Reward: Players can receive basic rewards by increasing their Season Rank during the season.

 Premium Reward: Rewards that can be acquired when the Pass is upgraded to Premium Epic Pass. 

 Special Reward: Rewards that can be acquired when the Pass is upgraded to Special Epic Pass. 


[Season Rank & Season EXP]


2)Purchase Season Rank 

Players can use 100 Skystones to increase their Season Rank by 1.


Epic Pass Upgrade    

- Players can upgrade to the Premium Epic Pass or Special Epic Pass by using Skystones. 


■ Rewards


Free Reward

Premium Reward


Leif x2

MolaGora x1


Ancient Coins x100

Greater Weapon Charm x1


Greater Necklace Charm x1


Silver Transmit Stone x2

100,000 Gold


Skin Ticket x5


2 Penguin Pack 

Greater Armor Charm x1


Greater Necklace Charm x1


Stigma x300

Rare Catalyst Selection Chest x1


Greater Armor Charm x1


Greater Necklace Charm x1

Greater Ring Charm x1


Greater Weapon Charm x1


50,000 Gold

Winter Fragment Penguin x1


Greater Helm Charm x1


Ancient Coins x100

Greater Boot Charm x1


Greater Ring Charm x1


Silver Transmit Stone x2

100,000 Gold


Fire Spirit Penguin x1


Leif x2

Greater Necklace Charm x1


Greater Boot Charm x1


Lesser Artifact Charm x2

Silver Transmit Stone x1 


Gold Transmit Stone x3


50,000 Gold

Blade Dash Penguin x1


Rare Catalyst Selection Chest x1


Ancient Coins x100

Greater Ring Charm x1


100,000 Gold


Silver Transmit Stone x2

Silver Transmit Stone x1


Epic Catalyst Selection Chest x1


Leif x2

Greater Helm Charm x1 


Silver Transmit Stone x1


50,000 Gold

Epic Artifact Charm x1

Skin Ticket x5 

All Clear Reward

10 Covenant Bookmarks

Epic Pass Frame x1

3 Gold Transmit Stones

Special Reward

Tamarinne Skin – Starlight Concert


[Tamarinne Skin – Starlight Concert]

- The illustration and cut scenes will change when this skin is equipped on the 5 Hero, Tamarinne.

- When Tamarinne is placed in a team, the illustration of her waiting in the lobby will be the same as before.


8. Equipment Conversion Reorganization

A condition to unlock equipment conversion has been added, and the material used for equipment conversion will be adjusted. 

Now, unnecessary equipment that was saved for equipment conversion does not need to be kept in your inventory.

Players can only obtain Lv. 85 equipment from the Equipment Conversion. 

■ Equipment Conversion Unlock Condition 



Improve Laboratory Building to Level 2 


Account Rank.50 + Improve Laboratory Building to Level 2

 Players whose account is less than Rank 50 will not be able to access Equipment Conversion. 

■ Equipment Conversion Material

- The existing Equipment Conversion material will be changed.  


Equipment Conversion Gem, Lv. 44 - 85 Equipment


Equipment Conversion Gem, Equipment Core



※ Cores are separated to Equipment Set and Parts (Helm, Weapon, Boots etc.)

 Cores that have been extracted will be stored separately in the Core Inventory. 

 Players cannot sell Cores. 


■ Equipment Extraction


- Non-battle: Players can use this by going to [Inventory > Equipment > Arrange > Extract] and [Alchemist’s Steeple > Equipment Conversion > Equipment Extraction].


- Battle: From the auto-repeat battle or battle results window, go to [Arrange > Extract].



[Equipment Extraction]

- From the equipment extraction window, select the equipment you want and tap the Extract button. 

    Material Level Restriction: Lv. 58 ~ 88 Equipment (Regardless of grade, or type of equipment (helm, necklace, etc.) 

    Number of equipment that can be extracted at once: No limit

    There will be no cost (Gold) for equipment extraction. 



- A pop-up will be displayed to confirm the equipment you wish to extract.

   * Equipment that cannot be extracted will be automatically removed.


- The results of the Equipment Extraction will be displayed. 

 Equipment used as material for Equipment Extraction will be removed. 

 Players can view the amount of Equipment Core obtained according to set/or Equipment type (Helm, Necklace, etc.)

Depending on the Equipment’s grade, level, and enhancement there may be a difference in the amount of Equipment Core obtained.

 Players can use Equipment obtain from Equipment Conversion to get Equipment Core. 


[Core Inventory]

- Equipment Core obtained from Equipment Extraction will be stored in a separate Core Inventory. 

- Tapping the button on the bottom right corner in the [Inventory > Equipment] tab will direct you to the Core Inventory. 


- Tapping on the button on the bottom right corner of the Core Inventory window will direct you back to the Equipment Inventory. 


■ Equipment Conversion

-  How to use: Go to Alchemist’s Steeple > Equipment Conversion > Select Equipment > Choose Equipment Conversion Gem > Select Material (Equipment Core)

- You can select up to five types of Equipment Core sets. 

- You can obtain Lv. 85 equipment through Equipment Conversion. 


Depends on the level of the material equipment 


Lv. 85 Equipment 100% guaranteed 


9. Balance Adjustment - Temporary Exclusive Equipment Option Change

With this upcoming Balance Adjustment, Destina and Lilibet's Exclusive Exquipment will be changed, and for a temporary period of time,
players who fulfill the conditions may change the effect of their Equipment.
This optional change is only available once each.


■ Destina, Lilibet Exclusive Equipment Option Change 

- Schedule: 6/11 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 6/25 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

- Option Change


Exclusive Equipment

Prior Option 

New Option (Selectable)


Ruele's Sad Promise


Key to an Oath / Destina's Grace


Soul Tailor

Soul Cutter

Slice-Slice / Snip-Snip


■ Location

- Go to Inventory > Exclusive Equipment > Select Exclusive Equipment > Option Change

- Go to Hero > Select Hero > Select equipped Exclusive Equipment > Option Change

■ Exclusive Equipment Option Change 

- Select Exclusive Equipment that is subject to an effect change. Then tap the "Change Effect" button to select other options for that Exclusive Equipment.


■ Exclusive Equipment Option Change Rules 

- The main option values for exclusive equipment will be maintained. 

- Players can only change options once for eligible exclusive equipment. 

- After changing the options, players cannot do so again. 

- If you change the options for an equipped exclusive equipment, it will automatically be unequipped. 
- Exclusive Equipment obtained after the change has been applied will not be eligible.


10. Powder of Knowledge


6/11 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 7/16 (Thu) 02:59 UTC




Bottle of Knowledge



Greater Artifact Charm



Lesser Artifact Charm



Abyssal Crown






Border Coin



Noble Oath






Rosa Hargana



Elyha's Knife



Water's Origin




 The Powder of Knowledge Shop item list that was previously updated on a 6-week basis will be updated on a 5-week basis for only the previous and next cycle. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. In the future, if there are any changes made to the schedule, we will let you know in detail through a separate notice.  

11. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes


[Skin Shop]

- Spring Breeze Destina will be added to the skin shop.


- 4 types of new packages will be added in [Shop > Package].

1. Nurture Booster Pack

- Criteria to purchase: Promote a natural 3★ or a 4★ Hero to 5★, or reach level 50 with a natural 5★ Hero.
※ Ingredient Heroes and 2★ Heroes are not included.

- It will appear for 2 hours after meeting the conditions above. (Once per day)

- Purchase Limit: 4 times per month

2. Accessory Charm Pack

- Criteria to purchase: Acquire a Lv. 85 Accessory
- It will appear for 2 hours after meeting the condition above. (Once per day)
- Purchase Limit: 4 times per month

 The Nurture Booster Pack is a limited package and details will be announced through a separate notice.
 (Refer to the Event Notice)

 Heroes and Artifacts

- Descriptions of Heroes that can only be used for themselves as ingredients will be changed.


This Hero can only be used to Enhance, Promote, and Memory Imprint #Hero Name#.


#Hero Name# cannot be used to Promote, Enhance, or Memory Imprint other Heroes.


- An issue where the effect for Tamarinne’s skill, <Sing Together> was not showing clearly will be fixed.

- An issue where Sol’s <Volcanic Viper> not activating when an Egg was hatching in Raid Labyrinth - Royal Capital Azmakalis, will be fixed. 

- An issue where 2★ Heroes did not trigger a Dual Attack will be fixed.

- An issue where the 4★ Heroes, Khawazu and Benevolent Romann’s Morale topics differed from their Friendship topic will be fixed.


- An issue where Sez’s skill text incorrectly appeared when he used <Encroach> after using <Dark Shadow >in Unrecorded History, Chapter 4-3s Fallen Moondust, will be fixed.

- The skill description for the boss’s skill, <Sharp Cut> from the Azimanak Hunt will be fixed to match its effect, resurrecting Azimanus Observer. However, when this skill is used for the first time, it summons two Azimanus Observers since there are no targets to resurrect.

- An issue where in the Raid Labyrinth – Royal Capital Azmakalis, <Hatching Failed>did not activate if Azimanus Manager or Azimanus Observer are stunned or silenced under a certain condition, will be fixed.

- An issue where the background stories for Mud Flux and Machine Flux appear same will be fixed. 

 Adventure and Story

- An issue where inadequate monsters appeared from the urgent mission in Episode 2, 1-2. Mahuana Hill will be fixed.

- An issue of an error occurring after unlocking Episode 2, Chapter 2 will be fixed.

- An issue where it was impossible to proceed past Episode 2, 2-1 Unwelcome Visitors will be fixed

- Typos from Episode 2, 7s-1 Solid Dirt Field will be fixed.

- Typos from Episode 2, 6S-6. Restraint Cave will be fixed.

- An issue where an error occurred if you tap the back button after moving to the Album type Side Story from the World Map or stages that have difficulties, will be fixed.

- An issue where an error occurred if you clear “Acquire Equipment” or “Acquire Ring” and receive rewards from the Album Side Story, will be fixed.


- An improvement will be made so that Pets will not use Warp Gates from Labyrinth maps.

- Typos from the Boss Guide of Abyss Floor 98 will be fixed.

- An issue where it was impossible to set a certain numbers of Repeat Battles will be fixed.

■ World Arena

- An issue where the Victory Points are not decreasing for the players who are in Master tier or higher, even though 72 hours have passed from the last Rank Battle, will be fixed.

- An issue where the results are not counted if the battles are disconnected with the message saying “The connection to the server has been lost.”, will be fixed.

- An issue where it was impossible to proceed after seeing “Waiting for a response.”, even though a certain amount of time has passed, will be fixed.


- An improvement will be made to show the Monthly Summon Pack purchase tab from the “Purchase Bookmarks pop-up”, if the player does not have enough Skystone when using Covenant Summons or a Drop Rate Up summon.

- An improvement will be made to show the Mystic Pack purchase tab if the player does not have enough Mystic Medals when using Mystic Summons.

- An improvement will be made to not to send a push alarm again in one minute for The Forest of Souls.

- An issue where a delay occurred when moving to [Sanctuary > Alchemist’s Steeple > Improve > Improve Building] will be fixed.

- An improvement will be made to the subtitles for in-game videos.

- An issue where an error message occurred if you try to accept or delete a friend request that has already been deleted will be fixed.

- An issue where it was impossible to send a friend request again to the same person after canceling, will be fixed.

- An issue where it was impossible to select a group from the Adventurer’s Path, if there are any unreceived rewards from that group, will be fixed.

- An issue where the currency status from the top not being renewed after returning to the previous screen from a certain page, will be fixed.

- An issue where the filter settings for the Hero tab were also applied to the Waiting Room, will be fixed.

- An issue where an error occurred when tapping the back button after moving to the Shop through the Currency icon at the top, will be fixed.

- An improvement will be made to display “You have no items.” If there are no items in the inventory.

- An issue where the item filter settings were changed after opening the inventory from the Repeat Battle result UI after several times, will be fixed.

- An improvement will be made to show same Artifacts together.

- An issue where certain Equipment did not return to its place after being selected and canceled as an ingredient, will be fixed.

- An issue where the lock icon disappears when the Equipment was selected from the Equipment menu, will be fixed.
* Please note that this is only a visual error and the Equipment remained locked.

- An improvement will be made to not to receive non-ingredient Heroes from the mailbox when tapping “Receive All”

- An improvement will be made to show the summon animation when acquiring Heroes for the first time.

- An issue where the game closes with an error pop-up when moved to the background while watching an in-game video on iOS devices, will be fixed.

- An issue where the game closes when Low Quality Mode is active on certain AOS devices, will be fixed.

- An issue where the Send Guild Aid mission was not being counted will be fixed.

- An issue where incorrect text appeared in the Arena Honor Season Equipment area will be fixed.

- An issue where incorrect text appear when you try to sell items earned from Repeat Battles, will be fixed.

■ Free Summon Mileage Adjustment Applied

- Eligibility: All Heirs who used the free summons after the maintenance on 5/28(Thu) and before the maintenance on 5/29(Fri)

- Compensation Details: Mileage that wasn’t counted will be applied.

Players will be able to check the changes from the Summon tab after the maintenance is over.

■ Compensation notice for Send Guild Aid not being counted

- Schedule: 6/11(Thu) after the maintenance – 6/18(Thu) 02:59 UTC

- Compensation Details: Brave Crests x60, Stigma x300 
(Will be delivered to your in-game mailbox and must be claimed within 7 days)

- Eligibility: All Heirs who play Epic Seven


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

We promise to do our best from next to provide a better service.


Thank you. 

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  • images
    2020.06.10 10:52 (UTC+0)

    BESTThank you AnimeFan (I prefer this name hehe)

    We are trying our best!!!

    Also, if you have any suggestions, please tell us!!!

    Thank you and good luck with your adventures in Orbis!!!

  • images
    2020.06.10 10:58 (UTC+0)

    BESTHello Bookwormz!

    I will send this idea to our developers!

    I hope that all of our Heirs will send us their ideas so that we can make Epic Seven even better! (✿◠‿◠)

    Thank you for your help and good luck on your adventures in Orbis!

    -GM Aerin

  • images
    2020.06.10 10:51 (UTC+0)

    BESTThis sounds like a really good update to me! Keep up the good work!

  • images
    2020.06.10 10:51 (UTC+0)

    This sounds like a really good update to me! Keep up the good work!

    • images
      2020.06.10 10:52 (UTC+0)

      Thank you AnimeFan (I prefer this name hehe)

      We are trying our best!!!

      Also, if you have any suggestions, please tell us!!!

      Thank you and good luck with your adventures in Orbis!!!

  • images
    2020.06.10 10:56 (UTC+0)

    Guild Buffs auto renewing or 24 hours when?

    • images
      2020.06.10 10:58 (UTC+0)

      Hello Bookwormz!

      I will send this idea to our developers!

      I hope that all of our Heirs will send us their ideas so that we can make Epic Seven even better! (✿◠‿◠)

      Thank you for your help and good luck on your adventures in Orbis!

      -GM Aerin

    • images
      2020.06.10 11:07 (UTC+0)

      AerinThank you for doing the thing. Mad respect 

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:03 (UTC+0)

    Shame Destina's still going to be bad after the patch but at least SS Achates is going to be a much better option.

    • images
      2020.06.11 18:18 (UTC+0)

      ZaphieNot really? I was frustrated months ago. Now I don't care(since it's pointless anyway). I never claimed that my opinion counts as majority. But my opinion is backed up by reasonable arguments. Do you know what arguments people who are against Destina's buff use?

      -her cds are fine(they use her with C Rikoris, Dingo, Iseria or even Rima)

      -she's a good cleanser(pair her with Vivian, Lilias, Tama, Elena etc.)

      -counter set makes her good(having to rely on 20% to counter doesn't make her good)

      "accumulative helpful feedbacks "

      Helpful? You've got some sense of humour. I get feedback from people, who don't know how stat system works and say that she's "tanky" so she's fine. She's a Cancer and a 5*. She also pays for that tankiness with low att,spd and no Eff/ER. Just like Ray pays with his low def stats for high spd and ER.

      I don't recall Yufine's or Sigret's excellent offensive stats getting in the way of their buffs. 

    • images
      2020.06.11 18:23 (UTC+0)

      ZaphieI almost forgot. I talked to a guy who's in legend in RTA who constructed rta tier list based on 200 games he played. When I told him there's no Destina, he said it's because he hasn't encountered a single one there. 

      I also cringe when people say to increase her spd. Although I appreciate their support of urging devs to buff her it's, again, ignorance. Stats aren't determined randomly and Angelica has been an excellent soul weaver since launch even though she's only 1 spd slower.

      Skill set is far more important than stats. And her skill set is atrocious. Terrible synergy with most SW artifacts and bad synergy between her skills.

      That being said, she's bad and it has nothing to do with my opinion. It's a matter of evidence that some choose to ignore.

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:05 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for the hard work! 

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:09 (UTC+0)

    WOW! Kizuna Ai so CUTE and . . . useless

    Kizuna Ai buff when?

    • images
      2020.06.11 00:02 (UTC+0)

      RRHellHi fellow heir. 

      Angelica and SS Achates also have 88 base speed. So, I don't see anything wrong with it. And besides, she gives herself speed buff. 

      Good luck with your adventures in Orbis!!!

    • images
      2020.06.11 00:18 (UTC+0)

      AIexisShe is for fun I think. She can be very good hero for new players. S3 with 3 turn atk buff and 4 turn colddown, passive heal and dispel debuff. New players usually lack of buffs and heal.  

      But for old players if you want 3 turn atk buff, you can use Diene.  The worst part is her base 88 SPD that very hard to build her fast and usable in first turn PVP.  But yeah she's usable in PVE but Diene 100% better. You can give her counter set + Diene AF(atk heal) for a tank role in PVE.

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:09 (UTC+0)

    Aw, i wanted the new tamarinne skin to change its default form too but still a nice skin. :P

    • images
      2020.06.10 11:16 (UTC+0)

      Hello Jidoghan!

      There are always rooms for improvement for future skins!

      I'll be sure to let our developers know about your suggestion.

      P.S. I also love her skin too (─‿‿─)

      Good luck in Orbis!

      -GM Aerin

    • images
      2020.06.10 22:17 (UTC+0)

      AerinSame, I was thinking about her default rugged looks to get a skin... than her idol form.

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:11 (UTC+0)

    Imagine not listening to the players about Mola problems and they release new buyable packs with more mola, this game is going downhill.

    • images
      2020.06.11 00:56 (UTC+0)

      Zaphie"I'm sure SG is aware of the Mola scarcity and basing it on their recent stream, they still don't have actual plans for this."

      Of course they're aware of that, their plan is about releasing a new mola pack on top of the old ones (there's a datamined new pack with 5 and 12 molagora), nice solutions I'd say.

      "I believe it's because they're preventing players...."

      Ehm... what?

      "Epic 7 has never been a game of "who has the most heroes" but a game meant to enjoy and make the best out of everyone's resources."

      So You enjoy playing the same 3 heroes over and over? You can't even try off meta stuff because the game punishes You for doing that. Even whales can't keep up with molas. So please guys, stop trying to defend SG and their behavior, the game is going down again like it was at times with ML Baal/Ara when player gave feedback since then. Guess what? They learned nothing, a leopard cannot change its spots.

      I feel like my money, our money, went into the dumpster.

    • images
      2020.06.11 01:21 (UTC+0)

      Erun420Hi fellow heir

      Yes! I do enjoy them a lot because I had them for FREE and by not pulling every banner, I still have 36 Molas sitting in my inventory with 8 Mola Gora Go. And also, some streamers have already attested that oversaturation on inventory made their game performance laggy. I'm sure SG is finding a way with our collaborative efforts of providing helpful suggestions. You have a voice-use it to influence for the betterment of the community

      Good luck with your adventures in Orbis!!!

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:12 (UTC+0)

    Why on earth did they stick a stun on Crescent Moon Rin, before she removes buffs. Like immunity buff isn't a thing that like all that's cancer in PvE and a almost definite in PvP content. What's the point....Sure there's times when it will work as expected but it's honestly just like she didn't get a buff.

    Wasted effort.

    P.S. More Molas PLEASE!  I had to say it... :-)

    • images
      2020.06.10 18:12 (UTC+0)

      they did explain that if there's no buff a stun is there to compensate the inability to steal buffs from a non-buff units, if there are buffs she will steal it, djpshjt 

    • images
      2020.06.11 00:13 (UTC+0)

      CandeluxThat fellow heir was obviously not reading. He brought a gun with no bullets. ****

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:13 (UTC+0)

    incoming kizuna ai balance patch

    • images
      2020.06.10 15:54 (UTC+0)

      why ? she seems good for me

      If the multipliers are right, she'll be strong with is cleans + 3 turns attack buff

  • 2020.06.10 11:13 (UTC+0)

    Why is kizuna ai a 4* she is so much cuter than the orginal

    • images
      2020.06.10 11:20 (UTC+0)

      Hello jackliisepic!

      4 Star or 5 Star, she's awesome either way! (I think she is (っ^▿^) )

      I hope you like her!!!
      -GM Aerin

    • images
      2020.06.10 13:50 (UTC+0)

      Stars... They don't mean anything in this game. Just look at the three stars that out perform most of the 5 stars.

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:15 (UTC+0)

    Kizuna hero is pretty trash, looks like a bootleg tama. Ml tieria look decent, nothing too special but also not bad, kinda comes down to her dmg numbers. The EC changes are the most exciting part. 

    • images
      2020.06.10 11:55 (UTC+0)

      So, you dont want Free Kizuna AI? You know, you can just tell SG to not give it to you. 

    • images
      2020.06.10 12:30 (UTC+0)

      Not everyone has the luxury of tamarine, shes beginner friendly. Thats why shes free? Remember Sol? :/ also keep in mind tamarine doesnt work well in pvp without a certain heroe, otherwise shes a sitting duck. Kizuna has potential if built correctly

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:19 (UTC+0)

    A meaty update , I will be sure to purchase an additional pack to support Your Hard Work.

    Still Waiting on Silver Blade Aramintha Buff though ;)

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:21 (UTC+0)

    Ngl, I thought they were gonna make kizuna another 5 star limited hero n I was mad lol. But update looks sick, and AI looks pretty handy! Luv u epic 7 

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:29 (UTC+0)

    Ha. Destina still terrible huh? Seems like every other soul weaver in the game is a better option than her. Why make her so incredibly slow AND have excessively long cool downs? I don't think she'll ever be viable at this point anymore. I'll give up on her now I guess. 

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:32 (UTC+0)

    Cermia really likes that artifact(Flower Shower)

    S2=>Greater Atk buff=>kill someone=>the greater atk buff is back to 2 turns=>kill someone=>back to 2 turn greater atk buff....

    • images
      2020.06.10 17:05 (UTC+0)

      epic7#f7cv2vHer S1 EE is MUCH more useful

      If the enemy have 1k defense,my Cermia with greater atk buff does 20k damage with s1

      Using S1 have a chance to attack someone else or finish the job at killing someone and has also a chance to dual attack with someone else

    • images
      2020.06.10 17:07 (UTC+0)

      Gogetsu420That's just an example

      Lets say I use S2,attack someone and then Diene\Kazuna uses S3

  • images
    2020.06.10 11:33 (UTC+0)

    Damn...I really wanted to use kizuna, but her being a soulweaver and with skills that arent very impressive makes me not see a reason to build her since i already have tons of built but ungeared sw. If i would build her it would be for the gimmick and 1 time use, which isnt what i really want to do.

    • images
      2020.06.11 06:48 (UTC+0)

      epic7#ood65pHi fellow heir. 

      I can see your frustrations. We all have our own problems but usually, learning the difference of YOU'RE from YOUR is good way to ease our frustrations for it makes us aware that we have a lot to improve from ourselves. 

      Good luck with your adventures in Orbis! 

    • images
      2020.06.11 23:04 (UTC+0)

      Zaphie***** you're cringe

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