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F2P friendly pvp team [2]

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  • 2020.06.08 14:16 (UTC+0)
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Guys I would like some suggestions on how to create a f2p friendly team that could help me reach atleast challenger. My luck with summons hasnt been good so far. 

I can run wyvern 13 consistently and clear some hell raid bosses so i dont think gear is issue. 

Any tip would be nice my dudes

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    2020.06.08 15:00 (UTC+0)

    Demone Kim did a youtube interview with a player called Lindarr who talks about this very thing. In short, there's no one answer because we don't know your pool-but there are tools to help you figure it out yourself. I'd highly recommend this interview to anyone who wants to get into PvP.

    Off hand, the SC units are good and very f2p friendly. F. Kluri and Chaos Sect Axe are considered by many to have overloaded kits. I can confirm this with Kluri. She's amazing. I can't comment on Axe.

    F. Kluri and C. Lorina can combo well and one-shot most dps characters on the first turn. Kluri also spams S1 which combos with Lorina's S1+S2 and higher dual attack chance.

    A. Momo is also f2p friendly and one of the best healers in the game. Everyone should build her.

    And now A. Ras is released and another unit that everybody should build. His kit is soaked with utility.

    They could see you to challenger if you have the gear to get there.

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    2020.06.09 18:14 (UTC+0)

    SC Roozid+SCRas+C.Lorina+SCCarrot.

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