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Need ur Opinion for pvp team [1]


Right now I'm kinda confused on what comp to pick for pvp and since i have some good heroes and very limited gear .I would appreciate any advice on what comp and heroes i should concentrate on building.Here are the three comps i have in mind


A) Tam/Iseria with Luna and an AoE DPS

B)DJ Basar/Diene  to give some survivabity with crit resistance though it is somewhat rng

C)Aux.Lots/Ruele along with C.Domniel and a really strong glass cannon

And could u guys also help with which  Dps i should  concentrate on

  1. Luna
  2. SSB
  3. Vildred
  4. BBK
  5. Baiken
  6. Tenebria
  7. C.Mercedes
  8. Kayron
  9. Cermia

Please send ur opinion and thank u for taking ur time to see this

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    2020.06.04 09:53 (UTC+0)

    5 star units take HELLA investment-especially DPS, so if I had your units I would do the following.

    1st, make sure your PvE team is producing good gear regularly for you. 

    Of the units listed, the following work well with small amount of mola investment:

    1.SSB-just over-powered in general. Get +4 mola in S3 ASAP.

    2. Tenebria-Make sure% hit chance and -1 CD skill enhance ASAP.

    These two give GREAT utility with minimal investment. All of your DPS units listed want to be +15 if you really want to use them. So wait and make these two work.

    Add a good healer (Angelica or A. Momo) and a good knight (Armin, A. Ras, F. Kluri are fantastic). With SSB, you don't need another DPS-you have control and will slowly guarentee the win more often than with a full DPS team.

    Pro-tip: Armin has a 90% stun on S1 (with EE) if enemy is debuffed (hence why I like Tene and SSB so much). (edit: corrected % stun chance)

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