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Flat Main Stats - Don't Pass It Up

So, here's a little thought experiment. You have two sets of Lvl 85 Heroic (purple) Boots. One has flat main attack with cdmg, speed and % atk as the sub-stats. The other has % Atk main with cdmg, flat atk, and speed.  Which of these do you upgrade or toss?

Chances are, if you're like a large number of folks like me who came into the game later and went on the guidance of others, you've heard that main stat flats are terrible. You've likely even seen posts and rants begging SG to change gear so that nothing ever could have a flat main stat, or that reforge gear never has flat main stats. This died down a touch when SG did buff HP flats last year, but you will definitely still see folks rail against flat main stats. I'm here to tell you that's wrong and that you've probably scrapped a number of pieces of decent gear - or at least gear with much better potential than it was given credit for. 

That piece with the flat main stat? It rolled 12% on its attack sub, no rolls into its 3 spd, and 22% cdmg, with 5% crit chance as the last slot. 

That piece with the % main stat? It rolled 76 in flat attack, no rolls into its 4 spd, and also 22% cdmg, 84 def being its final slot. 

So, assuming a base attack of 1000, at max that lvl 85 piece will have an effective attack of 62%. That is higher than the effectively 61% that the % main-stat would have. Even reforged up to 90, that flat piece would have an effective 67.5% atk up, while the other would be at 66.1%. It is also much easier to pick up; rolling 12% on atk isn't even that great - it cold easily have been 15% or 20%. 

Long story short, and my tip for all players, is not to scoff at flat main stat gear the second you see it. You could have a monstrous piece on your hands and not realize it. 

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