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What to do now? [5]

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  • 2020.05.26 09:54 (UTC+0)
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I'm playing E7 for a month and a half now and i love the game tbh but this past few days i kinda lost right now, not feeling the game anymore lol. what should i do next? any tips please? my daily grind for now is the daily mission from the reputation and the event (path of hardship) thats all lol. 


i already finished the adventure 10-10.

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    2020.05.26 10:14 (UTC+0)

    - There is a second region to explore (Cidonia) :

    -You can redo the first region with harder monsters and new rewards by going to side-stories, then select the “Unrecorded History” side story.

    - Work on clearing the Automation tower

    - Work on clearing the Abyss

    - Work on clearing the labyrinths

    - Work on hunting better equipments and preparing your characters for the Arena.

    - Etc.

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    2020.05.26 11:16 (UTC+0)

    tbh, i feel the same way.  my advice would be to take a break, not long..maybe couple days.  i should do the same but i like my guildies so what i do (if you rather not take the break), is just play the parts that you like and dailies.

    i do my dailies and usually just play arena. (not RTA, regular arena).  and i attempt to build units with the limited resources i have due to the awesome collab and energy this game gives.  

    gl in your gaming future.

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    2020.05.26 17:46 (UTC+0)

    Welcome to the grind phase known as mid-game. Doing dailies, clearing events, and farming hunts, is the name of the game for a good while. 

    The "end game" of this game is PvP, specifically right now RTA. The gear you'll need to compete effectively is relatively high, particularly in RTA, as well as the breadth of units you'll need built. Regular Arena is an easier haul. Therefore, if you're not into PvP, you likely won't ever find much satisfaction in the game. The next part of adventure should be coming in about a month or two, but at the rate chapters release  you'll only get a few days, maybe a week, out of each story update. No other PvE updates are likely outside of that (in terms of new modes or that sort of thing). 

    Find enjoyment in what's available to do right now. That's the only real advice I can give you. 

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    작성자 2020.05.26 17:59 (UTC+0)

    Thank You all for the tips and advice 😊 

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    2020.06.04 13:13 (UTC+0)

    If you want to progress quickly, and get to a strong mid-game, then you need to focus on a few milestones at a time, and focus resources to allow you to do that. A strong mid-game means that you have the units and gear to allow you to beat all the PvE content. 

    The first milestone for most players is Wyvern 13.It used to be 11, but the gap is widening between new players and old. The quicker you can unlock and farm 13, the better you can gear your units. Make a mono-blue team that can beat W13. There are loads of guides for this.

    The next milestone is Raid and Hell Raid. The raid gear is strong, and the gear you buy from the raid shop is less random-making it safer to +15. Use lab morale calculators to make a strong team with at least 30 morale. There are guides for this too.

    Don't invest in units that don't help you achieve your milestone goals.

    This will keep you busy for some time. After that, come back and ask the forum again.

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