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Tempest Surin Needs Buff/Rework [13]

Her skill set makes no sense.

S1 and S3 scales with lost health, and S2 boosts CR by taking damage. Obviously designed to go second.

Buuuut S3 applies "Unable to be buffed"? When going second the enemy is usually already buffed, so S3 is pretty much useless (Lacks damage too).

Not to mention it's only 75% chance at max when Basar have 100% strip, unable to be buffed and CR decrease.

And S1 has bleeding effect which has nothing to do with S2 and S3.

And, S2 mechanic sometimes doesn't work. Same issue with Butcher Corp.

Her appearance is lovely and it hurts even more realizing she's got such skill design.

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    2020.05.23 06:08 (UTC+0)

    ML Leo: Make a line Surin

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    2020.05.23 06:47 (UTC+0)
    I agree bro. As someone who mained Surin, I was the happiest person when I finally got Tempest Surin. It just ***** that they gave her such a random skillset. Hope they remake her entirely together with the other trash units like ML Crozet, Tywin, and Leo.
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    2020.05.23 09:41 (UTC+0)

    I can see the idea behind her skill set, but the execution is really bad. She can survive one shot attempt. Great! And then?


    Wait is that it?


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    2020.05.23 18:13 (UTC+0)

    Their are a lot of ML Hero's that need some buffing or reworking to get them into a more usable spot.

    Hero's like ML Tywin, Leo, Roman, Surin

    (Have some interesting mechanics & potential but ave never really seen much use.)

    While other older ML Hero's are starting to show their age mainly due to the proliferation of effects like Immunity.

    I think Surin could have benefited from a small adjustment to her Damage capping passive to allow her to tank two hits and still survive. Either that or a conditional Immortality buff effect or a Revive effect to give her extra chances to survive with low health.

    It seems to me that they intended her to be a Light Element version of Sven but they tried a different passive to get around Unable to be Buffed debuff. I personally would have liked to see her done more as a direct Hybrid of Mirsa / Sven skill sets. Evasion is a very powerful mechanic and especially if you combine it with Hit Chance debuff on the enemies.

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    2020.05.23 20:11 (UTC+0)

    She's not a "2nd turn" unit, she's a sustain unit. The CR boost is to pair with the bleeds so that in a long battle the enemy starts racking up a bigger stack of damage every time they take a turn. The unbuffable is so that when she goes first, or at any point later in the battle, they can't add buffs like immunity that would stop the bleeds. The increased damage with lower health is a "swallowtail reversal" - i.e., it's so that if she does get into trouble, she has the potential to kill off an enemy that's already weakened her by so much. 

    She's not meant to be part of a team that rolls in and just wipes an enemy. Her team comp is one where you are expecting the battle to go numerous turns, with her CR push getting her more opportunities to tack on damage that can pile up, or set up tanky enemy units for other team members to take down (Baiken's S3 that detonates bleeds, Sigret's S3 that adds 10% def pierce per # of debuffs, S.Tene's S3 that ups dmg per # of debuffs, etc.). 

  • 2020.05.24 12:25 (UTC+0)

    Random idea.

    Add S2, cr jump, gains Regen 4 turns.

    Immunity to 《 unable to buff 》

    Each Regen turn [consumed] eventually channels into [ Shrine Priestess ] buff granting +20 soul.

    Team gets 80 Soul to burn.

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