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Guild Recruitment

Moonguard recruiting !

Hello, my fellow Heirs !

Moonguard is looking for new members to embrace its name and its glory!

Our Guild is currently well ranked!  Moonguard  has 28 members now.

We get x5 rewards from guild wars and we intend to keep it that way untill the inevitable reset.  

For you to join our Guild, there are of course some requirements:   

  •  Send aid to others (it's understandable if you don't wanna give catalysts) and ask for anything you want!


  • Have a 6 man GW defense team, but we prefer offense over defense! 


  • Do all GW attacks consistently. If there is any real life issue or anything preventing you from doing GW attacks, please inform the Guild Master or any Vice Commander!

  • A minimum rank of Challenger in Arena  

  • Spend some time chatting in discord with the other members !

 If you're interested to apply or receive more information about the guild, feel free to contact the Guild Master at Discord:  Ginufrank#6188 

 If you have guild-less friends, don't forget to bring them along! 

 This is our Guild Discord:    https://discord.gg/WKJsZb

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