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Idea for ML Kayron [6]

Redemption Kayron: light warrior  

S1: Judgment blade

Attacks an enemy with a sword, granting increased attack for 1 turn. 

Damage dealt is proportional to damage received.

 Soul burn effect. 10 souls Increases damage dealt. 

S2 passive: Unyielding Resolve

When receiving a lethal hit, dispels all debuffs to the caster, grants immortality for 2 turns, and grants an extra turn. Cooldown: 9 turns (6 turns min.) Will build up 1 focus for every time an ally receives an attack. When the focus bar is full, loses all focus and attacks all enemies after using basic skill during caster's turn. Dispels 1 buff per enemy. Focus bar will be filled when the passive effect: unyielding resolve is activated. 

S3: Retribution Skill cooldown: 5 turns. Attacks all enemies with the power of order and chaos, with a 50% (75% max) chance to inflict "chain of fate", and unhealable for two turns, damage dealt is proportional to damage received. 

Chain of fate: Deals bonus damage against enemies inflicted with "chain of fate". Bonus damage increases with the number of allies inflicted with "chain of fate".

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    2020.05.22 08:17 (UTC+0)

    When SSB have a baby with Kayron under the sunLIGHT

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    2020.05.22 10:01 (UTC+0)

    2 things I highly disagree 

    That new debuff nah they won't add debuff I'm pretty sure they won't people keep making up new debuffs as in sg would take in consideration. There's plenty of debuffs already and there's a cap how many you can take and targets. 

    That S2 kinda needs a nerf bro lol

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    2020.05.22 15:31 (UTC+0)

    Very impressive, but mine also have an idea for ML kayron too :D
    My idea for ML kayron
    First he's KNIGHT class
    My idea for his skill
    S1: (Active ) Holy Blade
    Attacks an enemy with a sacred sword, granting increased defend to ally with highest attack for 2 turn. Damage dealt is proportional to caster max hp
    S2: (Passive) Sacred Lights
    When the ally have increased defend or greater increased buff attack. Trigger "Holy Blade" as an AOE attack, attacks all the enemies. Damage dealt is proportional to caster defend. Heal all allies 10% (max hp of caster) and increase their cr 20%. Can active every 2 turns.
    S3; (Active) Light of Ezera
    Attacks all enemies with the power of sacred sword of ezera. Granting greater increased defend and barrier for all alies for 2 turn (5 turns)
    Soul burn effect. 20 souls Dispell all debuff before granting greater increased defend and barrier for all alies for 3 turn.
    Well this is some of my ideas for him though. Thanks for reading

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    2020.05.22 19:08 (UTC+0)

    Shouldn't ml Kayron be a soul weaver? 

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