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Why is Tenebria dual attacking in Abyss F90 [1]

The skill descriptions says

"While phantoms exist,Tenebria neither takes damage nor ACTS"

Why is she dual attacking then?

When ras uses S2,if Aither is stunned,he will dual attack with her

If Ras is stunned and Aither triggers dual attack,he will attack with her

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    2020.05.22 11:41 (UTC+0)

    Because the text is just an illusion, which is Tene's specialty, learn the lore already :)

    This definitely isn't the first time SG/SC made that kind of mistake text. IIRC someone talked about ML Haste doesn't proc S2 in A13 despite the boss attack said "Revives" dead eggs, the effect when those Eggs spawned is Black/Purple smoke(it's still the same after you killed first batch of those eggs), implying that's SUMMON not revive, if you ever fought someone who res in PvP you will know that's not revive's effect. Same to this Abyss Tene, doesn't Act merely means her CR won't move, not she cannot do anything

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