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[GM] Epic Seven Guild War Error Compensation Notice [5]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.05.22 09:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 6497


Hello Heirs! 

This is GM Dominiel.

On 5/14 (Thu) a temporary maintenance period was held in order to fix an issue within Guild Wars.

Additionally, Guild War points will be adjusted and compensation will also be given to those affected. 
Please see below for more information. 

■ Guild War Error Fix Details

An issue that caused a draw for a particular guild member when all the buildings and the stronghold of both guilds that have been matched are destroyed, was fixed with the maintenance on 5/14 (Thu). We will implement guild war victory adjustments and distribute compensation to Heirs that were affected by this issue in the update scheduled for 5/28 (Thu). 

 Further Details: Notice regarding an issue where Havoc was miscalculated upon draw in Guild War

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused. 

Please see below for more details on the measures that will be taken and the compensation to be distributed. 

■ Guild War Draw Error Compensation Details 

1. Time of Error: 5/4 (Mon) after server reset ~ 5/14 (Thu) 09:30 UTC

2. Target Heirs: Guilds who had Buildings or a Stronghold that was destroyed, and the outcome of the Guild War was decided on the result of a draw of a particular player.

3. Measures and Compensation Details

1) Guild War Victory Point Adjustments 

- Guilds that had a victory/defeat due to this Guild War error will have their Guild Victory Points adjusted.

* If the winning guilds exceed the maximum points that can be achieved in a war, the excess will be deducted.

- The ranks will be adjusted according to the corrected guild war victory points 

- Schedule: After 5/31 (Sun) server reset time, where preparations are in place for the 6/1 (Mon) Guild War, the adjusted points will be applied when the guild member enter the Guild War.

2) Guild member compensation

- Defeated Guilds members who did not receive the correct amount of Mystic Medals will be given additional Mystic Medals.

- Compensation Distribution Schedule: 5/28 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 6/4 (Mon) 03:00 UTC (sent to your in-game mailbox, Storage Period: 7 days)

 Please Note

- The reset time for each server is as follows. 

    Korea/Asia/Japan: 18:00 UTC

    Europe: 03:00 UTC

    Global: 10:00 UTC

- Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox if you log into Epic Seven during the distribution period. 

- The storage period is limited. Please make sure to collect your compensation within 7 days. 

- If you have any further questions, please ask on our STOVE community forum or contact our customer service team. 


We will continue doing our best to provide you with even better service.


Thank you.

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    2020.05.22 09:05 (UTC+0)

    Nice, well done.

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    2020.05.22 11:21 (UTC+0)

    first comment

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      2020.05.22 13:37 (UTC+0)

      someone woke up from under the rock.
      welcome, we are in 2020 already.
      also, you are not the first.

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      2020.05.24 04:07 (UTC+0)

      Izzy7first comment

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    2020.05.22 12:10 (UTC+0)

    @Dominiel I think this is a fair way to fix the issues.  I'm sure nobody will have a problem with this.  

    However I still think there is an issue to fix in regards to havoc.  The variable amount of war points awarded for a win, depending on the number of opponents in the enemy guild, is a problem.  

    In the situation where let's say a top guild is literally 1 war point over other guilds, simply because of the random nature of the opponents faced at the beginning of the season, is not fair.  If a guild has successfully full cleared every opposing guild since the season began, they should share the rank one spot with any other guild that has done the same.  It shouldn't be decided by some random fight at the beginning of the season against a guild that simply didn't care to field 28 players.  Make the points the same for a win, regardless of the enemy guild numbers please.

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