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Any reason to use or extistance of Doctor Bag (Ray's AF)? [6]

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  • MenZKung[MenZKung]
  • 2020.05.21 07:30 (UTC+0)
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I really don't understand how SG develop this AF at all.  It's really trash, the worst 5* AF I ever seen.

At first after I read the skill description "Oh! maybe 3 times non-attack skills is count from all allies".  But after tested, it isn't. It's need the caster to use non-attack skills 3 times and activate only once per battle.  If Ray equipped his AF, it can activate at 5th turn when he can use S2 or S3 second times.  There very high chance this AF will not active in PVP because hero dead or battle end before that 3 times non-attack skills.  And even it activated, the effect isn't that strong at all, at +15 : AOE 15% heal and dispel one debuff. If the effect is like "dispel buff and grant invincibilty once per battle" I will not complain about it.

The fastest hero who can activate this AF is Monmo-chan but what the point for her to use it when she can AOE dispel debuff and rod or Diene limited AF give better heal with unlimited use. Don't think it help much to Angelica and useless for Anchates because her S3 can dispel all debuffs. Roana is lack of clean debuff but she can't use non-attack skill 3 times.

So please buff and make more reason to use "Doctor Bag".  Remove "once per battle", the effect isn't OP at all. At least we can use in PVE long fight like Raid bosses or Abyss.  

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    2020.05.21 08:32 (UTC+0)

    Totally agree. And even worst: As you do not control precisely the activation, sometimes the activation will be useless. 

    It's indeed the worst 5* artifact ever made. Thats a good thing, as it helped me to not try pity Ray on this banner and save BM for the next one (Tha collab cost me 3 full pity, i need a break!), even though Ray is a decent hero.

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    2020.05.21 12:41 (UTC+0)

    So they can let you have a false hope of getting 5* arti that you want :) If they do buff it in future I will guess it's probably makes it proc 2~3 times per battle(hope not) OR makes it proc after using non-attack once instead of 3 times. 

    IMO the proc condition is what makes it incredibly bad, you mostly don't have time to use 3 non-attack in PvP and it's still not useful in both PvP and PvE if they removed once per battle

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    2020.05.21 15:56 (UTC+0)

    I got it on 4th pull so I hope they do something with it. That being said the effect is strong but needing to use skills 3 times and being limited to only 1 proc makes it worthless.

    I think it'd be great if it had half of the current effect, 2 debuffs cleanse and 10% aoe heal, per 2 skills used with unlimited use.

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    2020.05.21 17:25 (UTC+0)

    Agreed. Trash artifact. Its criteria for activation needs to be changed. Very few soulweavers can even make use of it and even then the other artifacts available are better choices than this. 

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    2020.05.21 19:11 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, the artifact is trash. Wonderous Potion is a much better artifact.

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    2020.05.22 22:51 (UTC+0)

    Tbh, I agree that it is a generally questionable artifact, but I personally really like the idea of running it on Lots. I wouldn’t object to any changes because I can't argue a 5 star artifact working on 1 hero is a good thing, but it gives lots some immediate healing as well as 1 debuff dispel the second time he uses his S2 (assuming you go S2>S3>S2).

    Of course, even on Lots it won’t always be the best artifact, I just want to say it’s probably not entirely useless.

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