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My friend did some test and... [22]

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  • Wertlos[Wertlos]
  • 2020.05.21 06:23 (UTC+0)
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He told me that it had more bookmark benefits if we refreshed the secret shop. He calculated with 800 skystone, we would get around 105bm, comparing to 950 skystone for 50bm. But it also needed a huge amount of gold, around 6m to 8m, he said.

What do you think? Honestly, it is a kind of heavy RNG to me.

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    2020.05.21 06:37 (UTC+0)

    Huh ?

    I thought this is common knowledge here.

    If you trust your luck, go refresh the shop.

    If not, then just buy it directly.

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    2020.05.21 06:40 (UTC+0)

    I am slowly doing some of those. My numbers are still so small to provide real rates. With a total of 4302 SS used in refresh, I got BM 53 times and MM 16 times. So for me, every 5 BM took me 81.2 SS instead of the normal 95 SS. And I had as a bonus 50 MM for each 268.9 SS used on that.

    Somebody posted some days ago that the average is like 300 SS for each pack of 50 MM. So I think I am not so far from real numbers. 

    But I would like to have at least 10,000 SS used on that before taking some of those numbers as a real thing.

    Yet, I think your friend was really lucky. I don´t think those are the real rates

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    2020.05.21 08:14 (UTC+0)

    Its pure RNG

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    2020.05.21 08:44 (UTC+0)

    Here is some numbers from me, for bookmarks below 10 is bad (red), wanted to easier see the bad refresh attempts so added color scheme to it

    to be continued...

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    2020.05.21 09:20 (UTC+0)

    I got around 600 bookmarks from 7000 ss last time but I have to sold my liver just to get back all the gold I've spent.

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    2020.05.21 14:59 (UTC+0)

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    2020.05.21 15:14 (UTC+0)

    Secret shop is where I get most of my MMs and BMs, and boy do I get a lot of them.

    I feel a lot of people underestimate how good the shop is. Not only can you get BMs and MMs (that alone makes the shop worth it), you can also chance upon lvl 85 equipments. And since gold is quick to replenish itself, you can do it regularly.

    An underappreciated aspect of the game for sure.

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    2020.05.21 19:39 (UTC+0)

    Each time BMs show up it's 5 for 184,000 gold. So, 105 BM from secret shop refreshes = 3,864,000 gold. 3.86M gold is about 117-120 runs on W11 or 12 (not counting any sold gear). That's about 2300-2400 energy - or 1200 SS worth of energy recharges. So, you can spend 1900 SS and get 100 BMs, or spend 800 SS to get 100 BM, while also spending another 1200 worth of SS to pay for it. 

    Long story short, Secret Shop isn't the huge deal it's made out to be unless you are already sitting on a small pile of gold with nothing else pressing to use it for, namely upgrading gear. Yes, you can always farm gold back up through hunts, but it's up to you to decide how often you typically do hunts, and how much else you want to forego spending that gold on. Yes there is the chance to also get Mystic Medals, but those also cost 280,000 per set of 50, so you area still racking up the gold/energy cost. Relying on the secret shop requires planning and forethought. 

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    2020.05.22 09:06 (UTC+0)

    its RNG. stop spreading misinformation. 950 SS for bookmarks is viable.

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    2020.05.22 11:00 (UTC+0)

    it's good to hear some people still believe this is pure RNG. That way SG won't have to nerf this and i'd keep benefiting from it :)

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