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  • 2020.05.20 20:10 (UTC+0)
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Please help. I know my gear sucks, I can get better. What is a good team comp? Here's my best players. Not in order, but you can see them from the list. Thank you. I want to use BBK as one of them.


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    2020.05.20 20:57 (UTC+0)

    There is only two type of team. Bruiser tanks or combat readiness push cleave.

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    2020.05.23 02:50 (UTC+0)

    Don't do PvP. Its a trap.

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    2020.06.04 10:09 (UTC+0)

    Well you have Tywin who is perfect set up for a cleave comp, which is typically what people use BBK in.  

    So (in turn order):

    -CR pusher (Schuri or Roozid) - Fastest gear. Schuri also needs 100% crit

    -Def Breaker (Tywin)

    -Attack Buffer (Aux Lots)

    -Cleaver (BBK)

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