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[Global] TosfHQ (5x Mystics) Recruiting Challenger+ For GvG [1]

TosfHQ (LV.19, Rank 303, 28/30 members) is a grassroots fighting game community based in Toronto that has been in operation for over a decade (look us up!). We're very passionate about our degenerate games, which is why Epic Seven has taken a lot of us in the community by storm.


We're looking for active players to fill our roster for GvG and help us get back up to 5x mystics asap. Our guild is set to auto-accept a request to join provided you're rank 65. ***We are not accepting levelling accounts at this time.***

IF YOU ARE A WHALE UNDER LEVEL 65 OR NOT IN CHALLENGER YET - please send a discord message and kindly set your supporters for inspection.


Our officers are knowledgeable, champion/legend-level veterans of the game and are all in the top5 in guild assistance. We share resources and information regularly and we hope to continue recruiting players who are also about that kind of culture.

Whether you're a pvp-focused individual looking for a good guild table to park those godlike MLs at, or you simply resonate with the fighting game history and want to play some sets while holding your own in GvG, we encourage you to check us out.

We have:

-24/7 buffs

-Daily 50 stamina

-Guild Discord with Yufinebot announcement reporting, roll simulation, and links to game resources.


We want:

-Daily guild donations as a bare minimum, but we hope you'll choose to aid others too as we do.

-Consistent and competent GvG participation

-Use of Discord (in text!) during GvG for sharing info.

Message Amato#6043 on Discord with any additional questions or just join in-game.

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