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Elphelt,which set to romanticize with? [4]

Hey lads, much like all the other guilty gear units elphelt has 2-3 sets (sol full dps one shot build, counter dizzy,dps baiken for example) that work with her quite well and was wondering on your experience in using those sets (rage set, speed/hit, cdmg/crit). All of these builds are in its own right strong but I just wanna hear your experiences before plunging gold and energy for the gear.

Any tips is much appreciated.

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    2020.05.20 18:25 (UTC+0)

    Do faster Baiken at least 200  and use  double turn artifact is more useful in PVP and PVE

    I have Baiken since one year and I never use her until now with that speed

    About Elphelt you need a huge inversion in Molas/Gear to make her DPS/Fast 220 (speed) better use that in Baiken is cheaper more valuable and if yow do Elphelt a Full damage dealer she is to slown, I only use her to kill Charles/Lilias (only for fun)

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    2020.05.20 21:03 (UTC+0)

    Because I will use cr pusher(prob A.lots) I prob going to built her full damage. 

    I am gonna use rage or destruction set with Songs of star as her arti, and tagehe's ancient book as the pusher's arti.

    the combo will be:

    A.lots push Elphelt=>Burn soul to make S3 ignore resist=> def break,sleep, target proc => S2

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    2020.05.20 22:16 (UTC+0)

    I use Elphelt as a full DD on a rage set. My team, in order, is F. Lidica, Rose, Elphelt, Sez. Elphelt doesnt need to be too fast with the double CR push. Once she kills someone Sez finishes off the rest of the defense. works pretty seamlessly. 

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    2020.05.21 06:10 (UTC+0)

    Full DPS is the best right now, you need to kill your enemy with S2 so her AoE debuff activate

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