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Vildred and Aurius Bug Passive [1]


I believe Vildred's passive, Dancing Blade, has a bugged interaction with Aurius. I've fought some teams in Arena that had Aurius and, after killing and doing his S2, Vildred seems to immediately get his next turn, even lapping my fastest unit, who had 95% CR at the time. This doesn't seem to happen with Adamant Shield, though.

Thanks for your attention

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    2020.05.20 15:42 (UTC+0)

    You know that his S2 also gives him 20% CR every time an enemy dies?

    It might be that Vildred just dual attacked (which also triggers his S2 when an enemy is killed) and afterwards he had enough CR to immediately take his turn.

    Maybe it could have also been Dust Devil or R&L.

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