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Elena with magaharas tome [3]

Elena with tome uses her passive and jumps after all other cr manipulation units go...even if that happens instead of her cutting in she goes after all the other units!

To be more clear:ml lidica enemy starts with aoe...ml dominiel jumps to the front AND AFTER HER elena uses her passive and jumps INFRONT of all other units including ml dominiel but instead of her getting the turn like it shows in the sidebar ml dominiel goes before her!can you please fix that bug?

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    2020.05.19 06:06 (UTC+0)

    Okay, I might be wrong, but the limit cr is 100%. So whoever gets to 100% first takes the turn. The only unit that will get the turn even with another unit is 100% cr is Arby when he revives from passive. Since he gains 100% cr and it's accumulative with his cr at the time of death.

    So if cdom got to 100% and elena got pushed up, then cdom will still take the first turn.

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    2020.05.19 06:14 (UTC+0)

    Not exactly correct. The Cr bar goes until 100 but you can get more cr than that. And the unit with the most cr goes first. Also arby for on revive won't get added to his current one. He will be on 100% Cr. Let's use an example. 

    You are fighing ml Baal and use your A.lots.  if your a.lots is on 100 cr and Baal is on 99, if you pushed any other unit with alots S2 with 100 cr they will still go before ml Baal if they had at least 20 Cr or however much Baal get pushed up from his S2.

     In short the bar only goes until 100 Cr, but your units from Cr push not. And always the highest goes first.

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    2020.05.19 07:10 (UTC+0)

    Make your Elena faster

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