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Guild Recruitment

[Global] FreeCandy is still looking for ... you! :D

Level 20
Server: Global
Members: 29/30 guaranteed gvg slot (we can clean 1 or 2 more)
Rank: 100-300(currently 98)

We are a peasant guild who only wants to chill in x5 bracket, but we are steadily and unintentionally rising up the ranks as we progress through the game and gather stronger friends.

Level 65.
Use all 3 attacks. You can hit any tower you want. It's a plus if you can hit forts/strongholds at top 100-300 bracket though.
Ask for and send aids daily. We do not discourage requesting for catalysts but please ask for them in moderation, preferably during weekends. Also, please try to give as many Proofs of Courage everyday.
Capable of handling top 100-300 GvG defenses. If you are not sure then an arena rank of at least Challenger V should be able to perform fairly.
Be active. We will have to let you go after 3 days of inactivity/guild war inactivity without prior notice and that means I have to post this copy-pasta again. >.<
Join our Discord server. Sharing opponents' defense information is not compulsory but it would be great if you can take advantage of the information shared by other guildies.


If you do not meet all requirements but are passionate about the game and see yourself playing it in the long run then we can still talk about your application. :)

What we offer:
Daily energy, frequent guild supply chests, almost 24/7 guild buffs, a fairly active discord ...(almost) everything that a moderately high rank guild can offer :D

You can send your application in our guild recruitment channel. http://discord.gg/W85eAAa
or send a private message to Ailyne#9373 on Discord.

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