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Ambitious Tywin buff/rework [1]

I'd like to offer my 2 cents on improving Ambitious Tywin to make him more usable in more situations (besides just being a Basar counter, and also think about it, a ML 5*, summoned using  the most valuable type of bookmark in the game, Galaxies, with the lowest chance of being obtained, only has such a limited purpose of countering Basars, an Earth hero whose drop chance and obtainment is much easier via pity banners of covenant summon. How can something so rare have a use that is barely on par with something of that is more common? In terms rarity matching usefulness, it's completely mismatched... similar to ML Haste's situation but buffing him is for a different topic)

My main changes are directed to his first and second skills.

Skill 1: In addition to the current effects, now if the enemy has no souls (i.e. PVE content), the caster earns 1 additional soul (so Ambitious Tywin now allows players to gain souls faster if used in PVE)

Skill 2: Rework it to have a "fighting spirit" or "focus" type of system, similar to SS Bellona, Bellona, Corvus etc.

Ambitious Tywin now gains 10 'Command Presence' whenever an ally is inflicted with a debuff. When he reaches a maximum of 40 'Command Presence', these points are reset and his passive triggers, and he cleanses 1 debuff from each ally. 

Pros of this change: This passive will still counter Basar since Basar applies an AOE debuff to all 4 of your characters in arena, allowing Ambitious Tywin to gain 40 CP when Basar uses his S3, and activating the cleanse. 

This will also enable his passive to be useful in more situations, like against single-target debuff attacks. Supposing the other characters on your team gets focused attacked by the enemy team and they stack multiple debuffs on all the other characters, and ignore Ambitious Tywin. Current pre-rework Ambitious Tywin will not be able to help as his current passive requires himself to be debuffed, but the reworked point-based Tywin would be able to help and cleanse as long as his team mates suffer up to 4 debuffs regardless of how the debuffs are spread among them.

Cons of this change: In guild war, you only bring 3 characters so you gain points a bit slower even if Basar does debuff all 3 of your characters, since you'd just hit 30 points out of 40. Perhaps SG can make a system where the CP triggers at 30 for guild war, and 40 for arena and other content where a 4-man team is expected, but not sure if that is too much to ask?

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    2020.05.18 23:38 (UTC+0)

    I actually really like this change. Having 5* ML heroes who are so extremely limited only have a use in 1 mode of the game, PvP, and still be terrible at that, makes you feel really bad at having pulled him. Like me, as my 2nd ever ML 5* in 1 year.

    Gaining souls maybe when attacking an elite/boss monster. Cleanse with focus type system is very cool too. I highly doubt they'd implement a diff system for GW/PvP. Will just have to make do with not working as well in GW, if they also change/buff his S3 in some way.

    He looks so damn cool man, and is functionally AND thematically supposed to be a good PvP hero. If only the former was true...

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