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Final Review: ML Haste [1]

Disclaimer: I am in champion arena using 6 * awakened, Max Molegora, 1.8k defense, 25k HP, 140 speed ML Haste. I haven't seen much videos about ML Haste, so I might have missed a comp or an interaction. This is my non-opinion based review (except at the bottom). This will be long, so either go to the category you want or tldr at the bottom.

Optimal build:

Defense: 1.2 K +Speed: 130-160Set: Immunity optional (Use sets to reach stats on this table / I used triple hp)
Health: 24 K +Effect Resistance: 80% +Effectiveness: Left to user's discretion

Molegora to S3 Damage / Healing / Barrier (24K HP / 12K Atk) w / o damage reduction:

  • 0; +3; +3 will give 6668/6000/11040
  • 0; +6; +6 will give 7881/6000/14400 
  • Result: 0; +4; +3 is recommended

Artifacts: Shimadra's Staff, Idol's Cheer, Water's Origin, Stella Harpa, Touch of Rekos (status effect artifacts can be used)

Comps and usage: Arena Offense, GVG Offense, RTA

Arena / GVG Offense:

-Counter Comp (2 counter, 1 cleanser / utility; ML Ken is recommended):

Arby will die when he crits due to ML Ken counters. If the enemy has no debuffers (Basar, SSB), feel free to bring utility units (Diene, ML Chloe, etc). Ironically, Roana counters this team.

-Tank Comp (1 nuker, 1 cleanser, 1 utility; 2 soul weavers or more is optimal):

Requires double Idol's cheer to cycle your nuker. Aurius stacks with ML Haste S3, so a knight can be used. Different nukers are also recommended for this build. If the enemy has a Charles, bring Cermia or Melissa; for SSB, bring Yufine.

-Cleave Comp (1 Cleaver, 1 CR pusher, 1 unit of your choosing)

Unlike SAngelica, ML Haste S2 is automatic, so you can use ALot and cleave. FLidica or Judge Kise are one of the best cleavers for this.

For GVG, choose units at your discretion. Usually, it would be one cleaver and one utility.

Interactions: Avoid Ruele or ARavi as ML Haste doesn't counter efficiently since the enemy tends to not revive (Ruele gives invincibility; ARavi fails to kill). Revive may proc, but, due to inconsistencies, it's better to bring extinction. For others, stalling units tend to be annoying (Elena, FCeci, CArmin, etc) so proceed with caution.


ML Haste Last Pick: Choose units you normally use, but bring a cleanser; if you see Arby, choose ML Haste as your last pick. * If they ban ML Haste .... good luck *

ML Haste First Pick (revivers recommended): Choose units like Arby, ML Chloe, Ruele, and ARavi to pressure; this will give an easier time banning their Arby counters. If they choose revivers, bring extinction units. Remember to bring a cleanser if the enemy team is debuff heavy.

First Ban / Last Ban: Ban a stripper, debuff heavy units or CR Pushers (Basar, SSB, Dizzy, FLidica, etc.)

Interactions: Enemy tends to hold off on reviving (except Arby) until ML Haste is dead, everyone else is dead, unbuffable debuff is on your team, or stripper.

Overall Notes: He brings a lot of healing and barrier due to revives reseting his S3 and using his S2. Without enemy revivers, he doesn't offer much as a soul weaver. ML Haste tends to do better in Arena / GVG than RTA as he depends on dumb AI for his S2 to proc. However, in RTA, he crushes Arby once you kill him.

Should I summon?:


  1. Very tanky boi: (4k Atk, Full Focus, 300 Crit Damage, greater increased attack, max molegora, soul burned Arby can't one shot my ML Haste with defense break lmao; my ML Haste stats are at the top).
  2. Easy to build (can use free health set)
  3. Arby / Maid Chloe / Roana Counter
  4. Automatic S2 Barrier (works when stunned or slept)
  5. Damage Mitigation on S3 (as long as S3 is up)
  6. Soul weaver artifacts (Idol's Cheer, Shimadra Staff, Etc)
  7. Resets S3 when enemy revives / can spam healing
  8. One buff strip on S1 (soul burn for guarantee)
  9. Basically deals true damage on S3 while giving healing
  10. Has one of the best animations


  1. Unusable in PVE (Hell, A13, and Abyss interactions doesn't work)
  2. Not a knight (No Aurius or Noble's Oath)
  3. Extremely niched (PVP orientated targeting certain revive units)
  4. Longevity issues (relies on certain revive units)
  5. Mediocre modifiers (damage / healing is average)
  6. Can be countered easily in RTA due to unbuffable / strippers

Recommended for users who are Rank 60+, Challenger Arena +, has a large pool of PVP heroes (look at recommended comps), and dedicated to climbing rank.

Personal Opinion: Although SAngelica counters the revive meta, it was hard to use her due to speed adjustments and strippers. With ML Haste, he destroys Roana, Arby, and ML Chloe by just being there. However, without enemy revivers in PVP or PVE, ML Haste does mediocre damage and heals every 5 turns. Sadly, as a soul weaver, he becomes ML Ravi without the damage or revive. Overall, he is a bandage unit for Arby / ML Chloe, but SG only made him for that purpose.

  • Buffs / Nerfs: PVP wise, he is in a perfect state as Arby / ML Chloe is prevalent (3/5 defense teams) in Arena / GVG. For RTA, he desperately needs a cleanser (which often gets banned); I suggest his S2 to cleanse before buffing as unbuffable is too big of a counter for a niched effect. Also, buffs in the FAR future might be necessary when Arby and ML Chloe dies down, as his sole existence is to counter them. PVE wise, he needs some type of buff that justify him being used outside of ruining Arby's life.

tldr: ML Haste is doodoo against non-revivers, but makes Arby / ML Chloe have an inferiority complex.

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    2021.02.24 10:34 (UTC+0)

    He needs Buffs:

    My suggestion is that the S2 has two functioning with revive:

    1º) enemy revive, clearing a debuff from the team and continuing as it is, gaining immunity buff and shield.

    2º) ally revives, clearing a team debuff and earning shield buffs (my preference would be immunity, but I think it could get too strong)

    PVE I agree that you need a buff that can make you a little more useful and not so limited and counter to revive.

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