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Who should I 6 star next? I have many heros so just throw out any heros you think are worth promoting.

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    2020.06.04 10:14 (UTC+0)

    That depends entirely on what you want to do. With no other information, no one can advise you.

    If you are still working up to Wyvern 13: promote your primary DPS or your tank.

    If post W13 but not farming Hell Raid yet: Promote your Raid comp DPS, followed by rest of team.

    If you have a fully promoted W13 and Raid team, make a team for Banshee or Azi 13. 

    Of these heroes-some should transition well into Arena Offence. Next, find units that compliment those, and promote them all the way.

    now you have comps for all your gear needs, and a team to progress in Arena Offence. After farming gear for 100 years, you can spare resources to make a good Arena defence. So promote them.

    Don't 6 star someone if you don't plan on investing mola and good gear into them - and they serve to achieve the above.

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