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Update after update the game is getting WORSE in terms of usability [6]

  • STOVE138752718
  • 2020.05.15 16:39 (UTC+0)
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The Game was LAGGY as hell after the GG update-patch. Lags everywhere even though i havent changed ANYTHING in settings. 

Go to arena =  lag 

joing battle in arena/GW/sidestory/story = lag

update hero = 3 sec freeze/lag

attack animation mostly AOE  = laggy as hell

Customer support, there is No such thing wrote an email no response. 

now after the Elphelt update the lag stayed but now they also included sloppy inputs/disable inputs

i click accept gift the game shows me that i clicked on that particular point nothing happens .

 i click join battle the game shows my input still nothing happens it doesnt even react i have to press it again

So after the major lag after the GG update patch they still managed to mess something up which is annoying and just ruins the gameplay

Using Galaxy S7. Before the GG update everything was fine no lags or whatsoever.

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  • 2020.05.15 20:28 (UTC+0)

    You may have to look at your device cuz thats an old phone I dont have this issue i dont believe this is a common problem.

    I assure you its nothing to do with the game, so dont blame it.

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    2020.05.15 20:50 (UTC+0)

    Its laggy since i use the S7 Edge also (Especially fastus stage, góddamm the lagfest). My friend doesnt seem to have the same problem. I guess it's the device's issue after all.

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    작성자 2020.05.16 16:38 (UTC+0)

    How is it a DEVICE Problem if it could handle everything BEFORE GG-update just fine ? Doesnt make any sense whatsoever if it was the device it should have problems from the getgo but the Problems started after the GG update !

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    2020.05.16 17:49 (UTC+0)

    My device which is LD Player is not having ANY problems since i started playing over year ago. Maybe start looking at your device like others said.

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    2020.05.17 12:32 (UTC+0)

    Some people really doesn’t put any thought into this before saying “Start looking at your device”.

    Just use the simple logic that the people who having this issue didn't have it before the GG Collaboration patch and now they are having these problems.Let me remind you that GG Collaboration event wasn’t to increase the hardware/software requirement or to improve visual effects of the game.It is simply an in game event!

    Start looking at your logic before you comment please, it might be outdated according to your kind of approach to other's problems.

    “Hey but my phone is ok, so it must be your phone.You suck.” Fml...Different devices demand different software updates, they could break your game anyday if they wanted to on your iPhone 11 Pro Max whatever with an update.

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    2020.05.19 06:17 (UTC+0)

    S8+ and it lags a ton and freezes when it's anything related to hero or equipment inventory.
    Upgrading heroes, lags an freezes.
    Changing equipment, going to detail pages, going back and forth from hero promotion or enhancement.
    Raid takes upwards of 10seconds to actually go to the team select screen.

    This was never a problem, but the last month to 2 months the lag and freezes have gotten worse with ever update.

    Especially the hero promotion lag is now at the level of emulators.

    It's NOT my device.

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