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Dizzy Gear suggestions [3]

In yet another pleading post, I’m gonna have to ask all of you experienced players for gear suggestions on Dizzy and best heroes to pair her with! While my instinct was speed or attack, I’m the type to just want a bunch of glass cannons and a tank so I figured it’d be best to turn to the community yet again

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    2020.05.07 17:54 (UTC+0)

    I went with an Attack/H.P set and haven't regretted it, but also tried Speed/H.P and that works too.

    Depends on what you need her for...

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    2020.05.07 18:56 (UTC+0)

    People do counter with abysal crown for constant AoE stuns, or counter with violin. Speed with either of those artifacts works too.

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    2020.05.12 12:16 (UTC+0)

    Dizzy is a controller first and foremost-she wants effectiveness for her S1 and S2 hit chance. S3 always says 'miss' but the effects will always land - but because of this guaranteed miss, her damage will be a bit lacking.

    Some people put her on counter set and high HP and low speed (usually with Abyssal Crown to maximise chance of AOE stuns).

    Some people make her fast-usually also with high HP.

    You want her to land her debuffs, and stick around long enough to cause even more disruption. So her damage doesn't really matter.

    That said, Demone Kim did an interview with Lindarr where she talks about an arena team of Angelica, CArmin, Aux Lots and Dizzy; building her as a slow bruiser and using Aux Lots to cycle her turns really quickly.

    If that sounds good to you (as it does to me), then go for it.

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