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Banshee 13 Baiken [2]

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  • 2020.05.01 02:47 (UTC+0)
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What is the chance of Baiken landing 2 bleeds on B13, if I'm not wrong her S2 is able to inflict 1 bleed which ignores effect resist (Somehow the boss was able to resist against that guaranteed bleed, not sure if it's a bug). Then with the second bleed, is it always 85% chance to land, since the boss has 80% ER and Baiken's S2 has 80% chance to land?

My Baiken has 20% effectiveness, but she was only able to inflict 2 bleeds for 1~2 out of 10 runs. Is there some kind of innate ER mechanic which I am not aware of?   

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    2020.05.01 04:15 (UTC+0)

    Assuming you have at least as much effectiveness as the boss has effect resist each bleed still only has an 80% chance to "hit" and if it passes that roll then it still has to pass the innate 15% resist chance (not effected by effectiveness). 

    Basically roll a D20 where 5-20 is a pass, then roll another D20 where 4-20 is a pass and results in a bleed landing. Do this three times.

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    2020.05.01 04:53 (UTC+0)

    I don't know the exact workings of effectiveness and eff resistance, but the way I gear my units that needs to land debuffs is

    Effect Resistance - 15 = Needed effectiveness

    so in banshee's case:

    80 - 15 = 65

    Means you need 65% effectiveness to almost always gurantee the debuff

    the reason for the -15 is because of the innate ability of units to resist debuffs even without eff resistance.

    I could be wrong but i've been doing it like this, feel free to correct me

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