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Who should I 6 star? [2]

Looking for some recommendations,  I've got Fallen Cecilia  and  Fire Cecilia . Which one should I 6 star first? Or should I wait till the guilty gear collab and new heroes to arrive? Keeping in mind I missed the first collab, so I have no GG heroes.

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    2020.04.26 19:38 (UTC+0)

    Kinda depends on where you are in the game to be honest, and where you wanna put your focus at. And sounds like you have no 6 stars right now? If you got no 6 stars at all, i would focus on my Hunt ( Wyvern ) and my Farmer to be able to clear faster and/or safer first. To setup for the future rather then here and now ^^

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    2020.05.12 12:04 (UTC+0)

    NayaYuri is exactly right! 

    First six star should be a farmer (there is a tier list for farmers if you google it). If they can be a part of your first hunt team, then great! The hunt team is the next priority - most people for for Wyvern. Even if you only have three or four star heroes for a Wyvern team, these would be a better investment for your promotions (compared to F.Ceci and Ceci).

    The two lance wielding ladies are much stronger in PvP than PvE - and you only want to invest in PvP once you have strong teams farming good gear in Wyvern, Raid and maybe Banshee.

    Feel free to collect all the collab heroes. I have Sol, Baiken, Dizzy and I'm currently stocking up bookmarks for Elphelt - but they are all benched while I farm up Wyvern gear and work on my Raid Team.

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