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[Team Help] Last character to add? [1]

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  • 2020.04.09 22:48 (UTC+0)
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Right now im using roana, a ravi, lilibet, and leo. I'm thinking of switching leo out for luluca or yufine since I think i either need a really good debuffer or a really good buffer but am limited on options. Once I get her I will probably use alencia. Anyone else have a better idea? Dont have many 5 stars and no healer other than roana so any useful helper healer is out.

Why not leo? Well I'm trying to build a team that is good in pve but still works in pvp. Leo stun is worthless in pve so half his kit is gone. The slow is alright but doesnt really do to much in either pvp or pve. The defense break is great but others can do that too and more reliably. His main issue is damage, even after trying to build him as a glass cannon his damage was laughable nearly 3.5k attack 100 crit 180 cd and he still didnt hit hard enough to care. I think the best addition to the team is someone who can either assist heal while providing both defense break and attack up reliably (dont think this exists) or another tanky unit that provides one or the other while dealing good damage

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    2020.05.03 07:46 (UTC+0)

    I think that Luluca & Yufine are both worth building.

    But with your team I would focus on Luluca. With her S2 shield & defence debuff she can support rather well (I think this would be very useful if Roana is your healer). Also her S3 does some nice AoE Damage which would be good since A Ravi & Lilibet are both single target DD.

    Hope that helps!

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