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[Asia] Eternal Brightness (GMT+8) recruiting for new GvG season!

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  • Mirelle[Mirelle]
  • 2020.04.07 07:06 (UTC+0)
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Hi all! It's the new guild wars season, and what better way to start it off than by having fun tilting with a group of Epic Seven enthusiasts from Asia? (^-^)

Eternal Brightness, aka永遠の輝き (our GM is Japanese and hence we have this difficult-to-type name), is an English-speaking, mostly GMT+8 guild, currently recruiting 1 to 2 more active Guild War players who have the competitive and fun spirit of wanting to enjoy a good guild war battle! 

We ended pre-season at realm rank 18, however, we don't consider ourselves hardcore so we don't specifically aim to be top 20, as what matters more is that we have fun fighting together. Our members comprise mostly of working adults, who enjoy chatting about E7 on discord and coordinating guild war efforts to maximize time and effort spent during war.

Guild Name: 永遠の輝き (Eternal Brightness)
Region: Asia
Guild Level: 20
Language: English
Competitiveness: Semi-Hardcore, Discord use is mandatory

Guild perks:
(+) Guild Buffs on 24/7
(+) Discord to chat and socialise and ask questions (we are very spammy!)

(+) Discord streams to guide and coach for guild wars or just to watch guildies tilt
(+) Coordinated Guild Wars

(+) Active Player (daily check-ins)
(+) Must join Discord and be ready to read/report on towers
(+) Arena rank: Challenger V and above

We don't have a very high turnover rate, so your attitude matters most of all! We mainly look for people who will fit into our community as we do help coach members and work towards improving collectively. Please be ready to provide a screenshot of your defense teams for guild wars & have at least 6-8 heroes ready for guild wars offence.

If you’re looking for more coordinated levels of guild wars and want to find a guild to enjoy a good fight with -- Don't be shy! Come chat with us to find out if we're the right guild for you (^-^)

You can chat with one of our officers on Discord PM at:


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