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(Global) Maplestree is Recruiting!

Hey everyone! Maplestree is recruiting! We currently have 8 members and are a level 5 guild (Hoping to still grow!) along with us trying to help any newcomers along with anyone who's looking for a guild to join! 

Requirements: Basically none! We only ask for you to be active and try to donate as much as possible! 

What we do: When we get enough members, we'll do some guild wars and such but in reality, we just want people to have fun and a good time! We'll be happy to give advice along with some helpful tips with whatever we know about the units or just the game in general! 

If you want more info you can message me on discord Hope#0010 or join the discord https://discord.gg/TSZnKJ6 

We appreciate you all taking the time to read this! Be safe and have a great day! :D

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