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My Guide to Episode 2 10-10 for noobies [21]

Before we go into strategies and team comps, let's review our boss' skills and passives:

Passive Skills

🔘The boss opens with his S3 and spawns 3 Nytros of Hatred

🔘 He can spawn more Nytros with his S2 while he maintains above 40% HP, and an extra mob called Constorum of Revulsion if his Barrier is not up.

🔘The boss and the mobs stack attack and speed every time he gets a turn.

🔘Their debuffs also get dispelled every time the boss gets a turn.

🔘The boss sets up his own unremovable Barrier every turn.

🔘The boss goes on a Rampage below 40% HP and gains an unremovable buff (5 turns) for each mob left on the field before they're sacrificed. Rampage stacks critical hit chance and speed every turn on TOP of the usual stat stacking.

🔘He can't take more than 30% HP damage in one attack; Damage taken is lowered by 50% when it's not a critical hit and his Combat Readiness jumps forward 15%. If he crits YOU, he deals an aftershock of damage to the party.


S1: Attacks and dispels 2 buffs, granting the boss Crit Resistance and Immunity, proccing a dual attack from a Nytros mob

[Critical Hit: 35% chance to stun each party member]

S2 (3 cd): An AoE that inflicts Unbuffable and Blind, always crits when a Constorum mob is on the field

[When buffed, dispels the entire party before debuffing, and it ignores effect resistance]

S3 (5cd): AoE that penetrates defense (30% or 50% on debuffed party members), changing your party's buffs to debuffs and lowering combat readiness randomly between 20% and 50%

Tips & Team Building

Your party should consist of 1 DPS, at least 1 cleanser, and 1 utility buff stripper. To give an example, I beat 10-10 with Kise, Destina, ML Rin, and Elena.

Your objective is to nuke the boss QUICKLY before his stats stack to the point where he wipes your party. You SHOULD NOT stall out the battle because your conventional buffs and debuffs will not work on him. It is a pure damage check, and if your DPS doesn't crit him every time, RESTART THE BATTLE. No shame in doing so, 6 gold transmit stones are at stake.

Your DPS should go last, but not too slow to be interrupted by the boss. Aim to attack when he only has his barrier and whittle away his HP. Kise and Yufine are great DPS who deal extra damage when the enemy is buffed, and yes, the unremovable buffs count when calculating damage. You can also opt for consistent defense breaks using Taranor Guard as support (but your whole party should have 100% crit chance to avoid boosting the boss' combat readiness and interrupting the flow.)

Of course before you do that, you must strip away the boss' crit resistance and Immunity buffs. ML Rin is MVP for having 2 roles in this fight: dispelling buffs for my DPS to crit, and granting those buffs to the party so that the boss can't stun anyone and deal extra damage.

Damage mitigation is key, NOT defense. I do not recommend bringing knights as thieves are more useful. Elyha's Knife is a good replacement for a defense break user if you can't bring one. Also the boss can't penetrate defense with his S3 if you don't have any defense. *kekekek* He also can't activate extra effects from critting if he misses, so if you build an evasion team you can absolutely CHEESE this fight.

And BEFORE your utility hero can properly strip buffs, you need soulweavers to cleanse the party of Blind and Unbuffable so their skills can actually land and crit the boss.

Elena helps the party tank AoE damage, but Destina can cleanse everyone while boosting combat readiness. Her S3 is super clutch as the boss' S3 turns buffs into debuffs, so if you bring buffers like Diene, you can turn the tide with Destina and boost your DPS' combat readiness if the boss is getting ahead of them.

i hope my experience with Ep2 10-10 and tips can help anyone who is still struggling with this boss fight!

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    2020.04.03 09:33 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for the tips!!!! I coudnt do this stage and because of these tips i made it.. THANKS

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    2020.04.03 09:41 (UTC+0)

    I use ML ken , angelica , A momo , achates for auto win

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    2020.04.03 12:10 (UTC+0)

    Does kiris poison affect him? 

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    2020.04.03 12:30 (UTC+0)

    Guide? I took faust down in just one turn.

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    2020.04.03 12:57 (UTC+0)

    It's funny that the main characters of this second story...Ras, Mercedes, Luluca, Violet and Pavel...don't seem to be the characters that can defeat Incomplete Fastus in Chapter 10.

    Maybe Luluca and Violet can, but not sure if the other three in any combination of four including Luluca and Voilet can be helpful in keeping up with the fight.

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    2020.04.03 16:09 (UTC+0)

    My win was kind of a fluke, but a well built Charles along with decent sustain (mine was Angelica but you do you), and securing a def break at the right moments with ssb and ml zerato got it for me. My units are pretty op yet it was still a fluke so I prob **** with gears. I planned on a one shot team but yeah... 

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    2020.05.02 16:22 (UTC+0)

    I clear episode 2 10-10 by using these combination

    Angelica , Angelic Montmorancy, Tamarine , Kise 

    The reason I’m using tamarine is to cleanse all debuff and strip buff from boss, also to get atk buff for my Kise. Angelic Montmorancy really helps a lot in terms of dispelling debuff and increase combat readiness. Angelica no doubt being the main healer and provide immunity buff. Lastly, Kise act as main dps from her skill 1.. whenever you got atk up from tamarine and clear from debuff, just skill burn and burst the boss..  hope this build helps you as well, best of luck 😀

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    2020.09.25 14:02 (UTC+0)

    Hello I've tried for *** knows how many times but I still cannot beat fastus. My best hero are Yufine and SS Bellona, my cleanser are Ray and Lilias. I've tried these two combos but I still cannot beat fastus. Please help me I'm so frustrated.

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    2020.11.23 12:28 (UTC+0)

    Newbie here, first time fascinated about the game play and the story itself. Cant beat 2 10-10 thou several  times. I have specimen sez, angelica, aux lots, and com lorina at level60. I planned to find another set of team im investing my yufine, basar lilias and amomo now. Kinda sad tired defeating this level. Losing hope. 😭

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    2021.02.08 10:51 (UTC+0)

    Is it possible to use C.Zerato? And if so can you give me some advises to build a team with C.Zerato pls? 

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    2021.09.02 03:38 (UTC+0)

    Ughh i still can beat this fight, my team is fire Charlotte, archdemon meru, ss bellona, and roana. I dont wanna build an entire new team just for this 1 battle. Ive been using this team since forever and never rlly built anyone else, i realized this mistake a long time ago, can’t believe in still stuck on this episode

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    2021.09.04 09:16 (UTC+0)

    Just wanted to say that you are a legend, thank you so much! I had such a hard time trying to pass this stage before reading your guide. I ended up passing with Angelica, A.Momo, Sez and a scuffed Romann lol since I don't own any other dispellers, and it worked like a charm!

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