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Any beginning tips I should know? [2]

Hello everyone! Recently (about 2 days ago) I started playing epic 7 and I was wondering if there’s anything I should know and what I should focus on with my team and such going forward? Any help and knowledge would be appreciated thanks! :>

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    2020.04.02 10:25 (UTC+0)

    Save up 600 or 1200 bookmarks and make it your new zero, that way you will always be certain you getting the heroes you want, and if they are limited you are sure to get them. Also be ready to summon until pity so rather save up then try the luck.

    Do story and Adventure quest, you get a really good attack set from the end and come goodies, and save the first 6 star for when it comes as a quest there.

    When joining a Guild, and if you are invited for Guild wars, do it, even if you lose. rewards will be higher for you, and if you are lucky and get a win the guild earn on it.

    Start with Wyvern as your main Hunt, thanks to artifacts ( from old side story and challenge ) being added to hall of trails, you can now get the artifact to reduce damage from bosses. ( Knight exclusive ) 

    Some points on top of my head right now. But the biggest thing is to have fun :) 

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    2020.04.02 10:38 (UTC+0)

    Oh and this is something you wish to know about.

    Effectiveness and Effect Resistance - the way it works is something like this.

    100% + ( Effectiveness - Resistance ) chance to debuff cannot exceed 85% chance ( this is the 15% everyone talking about ) 

    When you uses a skill that inflicts debuff

    (Check 1) Did it hit? ---> No ---> Miss, no debuff


    (Check 2) Did it pass the Probability check? ---> No ---> No debuff, No text at all


    (Check 3) Did it pass the Resistance check? ---> No ---> No debuff, but 'Resistance' text shows up


    Debuff success


    For most PvE locations you only need 55% effectiveness to reach the goal of 85% chance, and skills with 'Ignore effect resistance' goes thru all resistance ( even the 15% ) 


    Video ( Offical EpicSeven ) if you wish to look at it


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