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About the hell raid chest [1]

Hell raid update has been great. The bosses were a nice challenge, but not too unreasonable. I just hope that the content of the chest we got when defeating a boss would be more appealing. Galaxy bookmark isn't bad, but a rarity 67 equipment? Maybe one in a few thousands pieces would be usable. 5 of them a month would be sold for less gold than a hunt 11 run. 

So I suggest the possible content of the chest would be the same as the one we can buy from normal raid: 200000 gold/gold transmit stone/galaxy bookmark (already there)/molagora/100 skystone. Even if you get an extra of either 5 stones/1 moonlight summon/5 mola/500 skystones a month, it won't be game-breaking in any way. And it's always good to get more gold.

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  • 2020.03.26 07:36 (UTC+0)

    I second this...I'd rather have stones or summons over armor when I can craft 85 armor, 67 is a waste. 

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