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Iseria or Lilias [15]

Which one do you recommend

I recently got Tamarinne and I just 6* her.

Since I don't have Iseia and I read everywhere that she is a really good combo with Tama,I was thinking I should get her this time(her S3 also looks very useful)but...

I didn't think they will also add Lilias at the same time...I don't know how good she is but I see her on every second youtube video and often in arena

I have 2.5K skystones and 550 bookmarks so I can definitely get one of them(or if some miracle happen I can get both but on which one should I focus first)

My fire heros are getting too many and I mostly see water heroes in the arena

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    2020.03.25 22:24 (UTC+0)

    Both are very useful, so it is difficult to choose.

    If you main healer is tama, i would perhaps recommend first Iseria. 

    Isetama (iseria + tama) + a good dps works really well in GW and also in arena.

    A good arti with her is Song of star, as its allows her to put defbreak + target on S1 and S3

    Lilias is also a solid pick.

    Full team cleanse + damage on S3 with a decent CD

    100% dual attack (random ally) on S1 works also quite nicely in gw.

    Lilias is perhaps a bit more usefull in raid, as she is fire (so ok for upper right and bottom left boss)

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    2020.03.25 23:00 (UTC+0)

    Both Lilias and Iseria are strong when paired with Tama. Or rather Tama gets a lot strogner with both of them. The only difference is, Iseria makes Tama viable in pvp on offense. Try checking morale for raid, it may help you decide.

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    2020.03.26 00:01 (UTC+0)

    Neither because it's all a big bait.

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    2020.03.26 00:40 (UTC+0)

    Quite the predicament you have, but I'd say just go for Lilias on this one, as she can work with optimal investment and mediocre gears.

    Whereas for Iseria X Tama, you'd have to have good speed gear for both to be viable in PVP. Not to mention you don't really need Iseria for PVE, as tama alone is enough.

    Maybe if you have spare BMs after, just hope that you'll get Iseria in a few pulls.

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    2020.03.26 00:49 (UTC+0)

    i have tama, iseria, and lilias.

    in my experience in raids, story, pve content.

    i use a lot lilias and tama.

    I would suggest getting lilias first.

    if you have tama, then next is iseria.

    if you do not have tama... then maybe you can still get iseria.

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    2020.03.26 01:11 (UTC+0)

    If you want a good combo in offense PVP you can prioritize Iseria. You need a very fast SPD set btw.

    If you want all around, multipurpose unit you can get Lilias. She is also very easy to use with SPD+HP set and you're all set. 

    Lilia's cleanse is useful too!

    LOL at Amato even in this kind of thread his comment is still $HlT. He likes those 2 heroes,  bait or not it's non of your business he likes to summon. You shouldn't engage on this kind of talk with that kind of attitude.

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    2020.03.26 02:15 (UTC+0)

    I’d say pull for Lilias because her S3 has damage based on your attack built character, cleanse, and combat readiness push back for enemies along with self 50% combat readiness boost. Next, she has a provoke that also includes self barrier. S1 guarantees dual attack. 

    Iseria is not as good as you’d expect to be frank. S3 has unbuffable, defense break, and I think also buff removal. Honestly you could use Kluri for that role, just no unbuffable. Only thing that’s really unique about Iseria is the S2, it can be useful at times, but not all round. Lilias is much more useful all round. In arena, Lilias can come in clutch with a cleanse or provoke AND still provide dual attacks. Iseria is probably going to be useless after S2 and S3, your most likely going to build Iseria with speed and effectiveness. 

    All in all, no one in the game can match a character like Lilias, she has a stacked skill set. Iseria S2 is the most unique thing about her, after that not much but defense breaks

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    2020.03.26 03:00 (UTC+0)

    I vote for Iseria. Iseria + Tamarinne is not only good in PVP offense. In PVE you can get almost permanent idol form if you start a boss battle with finished idol form cooldown. I use this combo for all my hell raids bosses (except the big red beetle) and debuff-friendly abyss stages. I think some of Lilias's role is already fulfilled by Tamarinne (Cleanse, CR push, dual attack) so the only new things she brings to the table are provoke and tank which is good if you enjoy long drawn-out fights. Iseria on the other hand complements Tamarinne perfectly with DEF break and cooldown reset and usually makes the fights way shorter but more RNG-dependent.  If you don't have a good DEF break in your team comp definitely go for Iseria. Besides, the artifact that comes with Lilias is pretty useless compared to Aurius/Adamant Shield, whereas song of the star can amplify your dps damage even more. 

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    2020.03.26 04:08 (UTC+0)

    Just wait for a Limited Hero, you can get them in 4*-5* ticket, daily summon, and mystics 

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    작성자 2020.03.26 04:54 (UTC+0)

    I decided to start with Lilias

    After 25 pulll of 3* I finaly get Angilica which I wanted since starting the game and I did at least 1k pulls till now

    Well lets continue

    Edit:What the...one more Angelica afte two pulls

    Edit2:Ouch that hurt,121 club

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    2020.03.26 05:19 (UTC+0)

    Neither, Colabs coming soon.

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    2020.03.26 13:02 (UTC+0)

    I already have Lilias,and she is great...Iseria looks weak to me but,i have Tamarinne so,both are great and make arena and other events easier.

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    2020.03.27 00:30 (UTC+0)

    Got Iseria after 150bookmarks,I m gonna change idea about her,she is pretty useful.

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