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Suggestion for Side Stories [2]

All Hell difficulty stages in Side Stories should have five rounds of enemy mobs for more gold, exp, and fodder. 30 energy is too much for the rewards we get from those repetitive grinds.

I hope that in the future devs will get even more creative with side story content, such as by including a tournament mode in which players draft a team of units to fight against a gauntlet of AI. For now, though, my suggestion offers an easy way to improve the side story experience.

In generall, I find the side story structure stale. The stories are nice for those into the lore, but the actual gameplay is one of the weakest points of this game. It seems to me that at least the rewards can be improved, so all players can get excited about SS. 

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    2020.03.25 15:35 (UTC+0)

    "It seems to me at least the rewards can be improved"

    -6 epic catalysts
    -23 rare catalysts
    -15 bm
    -two greater art charms equivalent
    -5x3* penguins (5 silver transmit stones. 6 if you buy the gold dog)

    Every two weeks or so.

    This needs improvement?

    And lol at the logic of "the gameplay is stale so increase rewards". You must be the type to febreeze all the bad smells in your home.

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    2020.03.25 17:27 (UTC+0)

    Not sure how long you played. But they improved Side Stories rewards a lot since the beginning of the game, the list Amato wrote is like x2-3 time more rewarding than what it was at the start. 

    Now i have not tested the energy vs gold/exp in side story so not sure if the 30 is "worth" more but if you have bonuses the 30 energy one is better for the exchange currency. If im not wrong on that ^^

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