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Hi guys,

I have too many heroes and cannot decide how to build my team :) 

Currently I'm running with the following team and I can down the normal Raid, Golem 10 and Silver 1 PVP League. 

Ravi  / Attack Set 70  /  6 Star

Ken  / Destruction Set 55  / 5 Star 

Tenebria / PVP Attack Set 85  / 6 Star

Elena / Health Set 70 / 5 Star

The following heroes got into my collection now, and my question is which one would you pick to the main team :) 



Falconeer Kluri

Specimen Sez

Crescent Moon Rin

Shooting Star Achates

Challenger Dominiel



Celestial Mercedes

Thanks in advance!


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    2020.03.25 00:54 (UTC+0)

    Main team = the ones you love ^^

    Then for the rest try to optimize teams for the other places, like Labyrinth, Raid, Wyvern, Golem, Banshee etc. 

    PS. Hall of trails now can make wyvern a lot easier if you have a blue ( ice ) knight and use that artifact from there :)

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    2020.03.25 01:54 (UTC+0)

    Golem's not bad, but Wyvern is definitely more bang for the buck in terms of getting gear that your heroes will need. You don't look to have a lot of the traditional W11 units - certainly not to auto - so you'll want to get that on lock first. I haven't tried Elena there yet, but she should be serviceable I would imagine. Lena could definitely help with Def breaks and clearing the first wave. I suppose you could use Lorina to take down Wyvern, but you'll definitely want to complete her Spec change. I just don't know for sure you've got the gear enough to get her where she needs to be, so that will be another project too. Tamarine is super strong too, so I would absolutely prioritize her if you're looking to get into Hell Raid (or do much of anything really). 

    So, I'd go with Lena to help with easy farming first. Then work on Tamarine. If a clear DPS doesn't entice you by then, work on Spec changing Lorina and gear her. C Merc used to be top PVP, but I don't know if that's still true.

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    2020.03.25 04:24 (UTC+0)

    I vote for.

    1. tamarine

    2. sc lorina

    3. sc kluri

    those will be my sequence and prioritization.

    they helped me a lot in abyss and story.

    i'm not serious in pvp or gvg, so i cannot give any comments on that part.

    then next is focus on building wyvern 11 auto team.

    elena is good.

    if you can get sc montmo, also she is good.

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    2020.03.25 08:17 (UTC+0)

    Build that Celestial Merce with the best DPS gears you can along with Cdominel, get a CR push like Rozid or Judith, then watch as you cleave your way through up to masters.

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    2020.03.25 11:29 (UTC+0)

    W11 this, Wyvern that... wake up guys, use context, wyvern is not the only hunt, he already built ravi and tenebria to 6 star, want him to do a complete 180 and "do wyvern hurr durr" ?

    G11 is your goal now, there's no more excuses now that g11 is nerfed to say to new players that g11 is "too hard"

    Golem is in my opinion the best hunt to transition from, atk set and hp/def are backbone of a damage dealer and tank, with those you can work on being able to oneshot other hunts faster than the usual wyvern player.

    Now on to OP's question:

    look what you have is perfect for now, tenebria/ken/ravi can probably auto g11 in the future as long as you have a better healer. Elena is not good enough in golem, go for tamarinne for heals.

    After a while you'll start to get better atk gear and can try a g11 one shot team with Fire teneb/ c mercedes/ spec Sez/ fluri.

    After that you can try the same team on A11 and win easily.

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    작성자 2020.03.25 12:43 (UTC+0)

    Guys, thanks a lot for your input. After your posts I got super motivated and invested a lot in the Steel Workshop to get more lvl 85 gear. 

    Then I went straight to the Golem 11 ******* and took him down first try  !! WooHoo !! He dropped only blue gear, but gonna farm him all day now !

    Ken was always a great combo with Ravi, because he does defense break and Ravi can one shot the enemy easily in PVP.  Will try and replace him with Kluri. 

    I cannot defeat Wyvern 10 so far, because I use Ravi as a tank ( 71 + 15 attack set ) and she doesn't survive too long. Poison gets stacked and she dies in round 3. 

    Also in raid I can defeat most bosses, besides Queen Azumashik, because again I get too much damage and Elena cannot keep up with heal / dispel.

    I will invest more in Kluri and Tamarinne to complete the raid! Thanks again for being so supportive :) 

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