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LF a guild that does NOT do guild war (global) [3]

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  • Shimerin[Shimerin]
  • 2020.03.24 14:43 (UTC+0)
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I'm looking for an active guild that doesn't do guild war, or at the very least doesn't care if I don't participate in it. I'll be active, donate, give aid, join discords, and whatever else. Just no guild war, I'm sick and tired of it. Global btw.

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    2020.03.24 16:19 (UTC+0)

    its hard to find a guild who dont do gw, you can try the lowe level ones like 5-0, but at the time advances, they will eventually require you to join gw, unless they have many strong people on it, also thats the only way to obtaining currency for your mistic summons for your desired pulls, so right now like, every guild need asistance in guild wars, unless you are a whale and like to throw money for moonlight summons ofc.

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    2020.03.26 08:21 (UTC+0)

    Join FreeToPly (as in free to play as you like)

    We're quite small and we want to eventually do guild war. But as the name suggests, you don't have to. It's a casual guild and we're up to chat. Fair inactivity is tolerable (we understand not everyone has the time), but being active is more fun :)

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    2020.03.26 22:40 (UTC+0)

    Hi there! If you’re still looking for a guild to join, we do not mind if you do not participate since we can just bench you. We will never force you to do guild wars as long as you do not want to be in guild wars. We offer 24/7 buffs, weekly guild chest as well as daily energy everyday. As long as you’re active and donate it’s fine. If you’re interested, please pm Unicorn#7882 on discord and I can provide more info ;)

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